Friday, October 8, 2010

Circle and Semi-circle

During another random conversation with Smruthi yesterday.

Me: Darling, why don’t you take ur old school bag to school tomorrow, since this one is very heavy for you?

She: Ma! Tomorrow is Friday. Ma’m will give me homework tomorrow. That will not fit into the old bag.

(And gives a ‘don’t-you-know-even-this’ look at me)

Me: Oh! Ok. So, what is going to be your home-work for colouring tomorrow? Any idea?

She: I think it is a semi-circle, coz, we colored that yesterday in school.

Me: **going bonkers** SEMI-CIRCLE?? What does that mean??

She: You put a ‘round’ in a paper. That is a Circle. Erase half of it. Then it becomes a semi-circle.

Me: (speechless)

I don’t think I understood the difference between a circle and semi-circle until I learned Trigonometry in X std. And my darling is teaching me the difference, in her kinder garden. Kids of today!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is ‘Report Card’ day in her school, combined with a PT meeting, and I hope that I will hear all praises about my daughter. (They better do that for the money we have paid them.)

…..To be continued by another post (based on the results)

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