Monday, September 5, 2011

Successful sixth

Dear Mr.kg3,

Another successful year. This year also, like always, we've had our own share of fights and romances, but of late, I can remember more of the fights than the romances. We have been fighting, okay...okay... I have been fighting more with you recently, but that will never stop me loving you. Kovam irukara idathula than gunam irukum (thank god, someone invented this dialogue.) But, today, I love you more than I loved you last year this day, and this will grow every year. Given another chance, I would prefer to sit next to you and keep arguing rather than go to some foreign country and hear romantic songs alone and miss you. Once, when I called you from onsite at 3 in the morning, and asked you if you really miss me or not, you replied that I will know once I come back and see you. And I knew that, once I saw you! I realised that you may not be good in expressing your feelings, but you still love me, as much as I love you. Thanks for making me realise that.

- ur wife.

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  1. So nice!! May you have a 100 more of ann. to come!!