Monday, September 3, 2012

Senti mom - Senti daughter!!!

Yesterday, we were watching a movie in one of the TV channels. Actually hubby was watching it and me and the kids were standing before the TV because, the movie was about to end and we didn't have anything else to do. It was a love story, the hero and the heroine finally united after a long drama and cry-baby acting from the heroine. I was finally relieved that the movie ended and we went to the bed-room. I took Swathi for her night-time duties, and I came out of the wash-room, to find Smruthi sobbing uncontrollably in the bed. Assured that it was not the sibling rivalry and Swathi was not the cause this time, I panicked to see her crying like this. It took me almost 5 minutes to soothe her, and make her tell the reason, which was: "The aunty in the TV was so paavam, that she had to cry like this. Seeing her cry like that has upset me very much. I feel so sorry for her".*

So many times, I have cried in the house because of these two girls, and all she did was to find pleasure in seeing me cry, and today she could not control her emotions, because some stupid heroine was struggling to re-unite with her lover. Bah!

All the while, I could not resist thinking how my daughter was growing up to be very much like me. There was not a single love story which I have seen during my college days and not cried in the end. Another emotional, senti-menti in the family? No darling, as your father says, one of me is enough! You needn't inherit me in this trait.

* Her actual words were: Andha aunty eppadi azhudha! Adha paathu enakku manasukke romba kashtama irukku! Romba paavam avanga!"

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  1. your daughters will be really happy to read your blog, when they grow up :) [provided they inherit from you the trait of blogging also ;) ]