Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exam jitters

Its Assessment time in Smruthi's school. Madam is being assessed for her learnings in school for this quarter. She has got a list of long portions and the corresponding syllabus. Doesn't this look like too much overload for a 3.5 year old? If you agree with me, then you are wrong. Wait till you hear the subjects.

1. Art (which is coloring or scribbling to be much precise)
2. Physical Education (Throwing and catching the ball)
3. Rhymes (Now, this is something on which she is already trained for the past 1 year)
4. Numbers - THIS, now, is the actual reason for the blog.

How I wish, syllabus were as easy when I was in school!!

Now, Here goes the story.

I return from office and call Smruthi to 'study' her syllabus for the next day's exam.

Me: Smruthi! Come, let's study for tomorrow's test
Smruthi: Naalaiku enna exam???
Me: Numbers
Smruthi: Idhukum 'portions' irukka?
Me: Yes dear
Smruthi: Enna padikanum?
Me: Identification of numbers 1 TO 4 (Please note this point)
Smruthi - Appo 3???
Me: (confused) what 3??
Smruthi: U said 1, 2, 4. Appo 3???
Me: :S (Sigh!)

Evan da kandupudichan indha exam, test, idhellam....Sigh!!!