Monday, September 6, 2010

5 reasons...

Dear Mr.kg3,

Its our fifth anniversary…Can you believe this? FIVE GOLDEN YEARS… And you have given me all reasons to be a proud and happy wife of yours. Here are the first five reasons why I love you…

1. I can be myself to you. I need not think twice before talking to you.I can be stupid, oversmart, cry baby, act intelligent, be a dumbo,whatever…and you don’t mind.

2. More than a loving husband, you are a wonderful father to my daughters.I saw you glow with pride when Smruthi showed you the medal she won for her running race, and when they stay away from us , you miss them more than you have ever missed me. I know it though you don’t show it.

3. Inspite of me pestering you to buy me gifts and surprises, you never take pains to do any of that. You just say “I love you” when I least expect it and that is worth all the gifts and surprises in this world.

4. I don’t know if you even remember, but once before our marriage, in our favourite beach, you held my hand and said that you will take care of me like a princess “Unna raani maadhiri vechu kaapathuven”, and you have lived up to that, atleast till now.

5. Dude…I don’t need a reason to love you. Even if I don’t have any of the above reasons, I will still love you, as always….

“Love is not because of something….its inspite of everything…”

Happy Anniversary to us….

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