Monday, January 31, 2011

What women want?

I read the below content in a book named “34 Bubblegums and Candies” and couldn’t resist posting this in my blog. So all women, enjoy reading this and all men, atleast try to understand women from now on….

Dear husband/boy-friend/current man in my life,

When we see you at the end of the day, and say, “I have had a really hard day today”, just hold us and give us a hug instead of asking “Oh, really, what happened?”

Sometimes, we don’t want you to make things right, we just need a hug.

When we ask you if that gorgeous, slimmer lady is more attractive than us, please say. “Yes, but I’m sure she isn’t as great a wife/mother as you are.”

Sometimes, we just want to be assured that we still matter.

When we ask you if we look fat in an outfit, please say, “It suits you well.” If it really looks horrible, please say, “I think you will look better in that other outfit.”

Sometimes, we just need a little straight talk.

When we ask you if you mind taking us out, even though there is a cricket match on TV, please be honest and fix a time when it will not interfere with your match watching. Taking us out and glancing at your watch every five minutes, makes us feel guilty.

Sometimes, we appreciate honesty too!

When we ask you if miss us when you go on those outstation trips, please lie a bit and say that you cannot wait to get back home, even if you are having a great time, at a five star hotel paid for by the company.

Sometimes, we need to hear a bit of lie too!

When we tell you that another guy seems nice, we aren’t thinking of getting into bed with him. We are probably thinking that he would make a nice husband for that single girl-friend of ours. We are NOT mentally comparing you.

Sometimes, atleast sometimes, don’t doubt our intentions.

When you are driving us back home after a nice dinner at a restaurant and we ask you, “Do you want to stop for coffee?” please say yes, even if you really do not want coffee, because it means we are asking as we want to stop!

Sometimes, we like you to mind-read too!

When we sometimes complain to you about our problems, please do NOT give us solutions.

Sometimes, we just want you to listen and be sympathetic.

With love,
The woman in your life.

PS: To the husband in my life, when you asked me why I am posting this as a blog when I have already read it, because I am sure that you can never read a book in your life, and putting it in a blog was the only way, I could make you read this. Hope you understand me:-)

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  1. Love this blog!! I have asked my hubby to also read it!! I just hope from the bottom of my heart that he reads it too!! :)