Saturday, November 19, 2011

7am Arivu - My view

Well, I can't stop from giving comments on this one. Never have I been so disappointed by a movie, which I wanted to watch very badly - not even the Harry Potter ones! The main reason being.....I'll come to that later. Good things first!

The movie starts with Bodhidharma leaving for China, and those were the only parts of the film which met the expectations. Even if the Bodhidharma history had been extended, the movie would have been worth watching, and Surya was as usual good - both as Aravind and Bodhidharma. And the next best thing about me watching this movie, was that both my daughters were well-behaved throughout the movie (except for frequent visits to the loo, bickering me for pop-corn and pestering me as to when the movie will end). Maybe, that is the reason why this time, the movie was not good. Murphy's law!

The script was good, and the story could have been directed even better. The second half of the movie looked as if the director didn't know what to do next, and asked the characters to go and just act on the screen. The main focus had been on projecting a powerful Dong-Lee, that all logic was forgotten to the core. The director has extended the dimensions of hypnotism, to the level of transferring the martial arts skills to the hypnotised person, within a second's look. Dialogues & dialogue deliveries too could have been better.

The main reason why I was so upset with the movie, (right from the beginning) was Shruthi Hassan. Average looks, average dance, poor dialogue delivery, and absolutely NO acting skills. And to think, she is Kamal's daughter!!! KAMAL's daughter. Forget acting, she couldn't even give a romantic expression. She was totally bland in the song - "Mun andhi saalai.." there was absolutely no expression at all!!! Looking at this song, I got the similar taste of disgust, when I saw SJ Suryah dance for "Mayilirage...'. I no more like that song after that. Shruthi Hassan could seriously do with some genetic transformation to inherit some of her father's acting skills.

Positives: Aravind, Bodhidharma & Dong-Lee
Negatives: Poor direction, loose story-line and SHRUTHI HASSAN

Overall, a nice story wasted!!!

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