Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yesterday morning, when I was driving to office, there was this program in one of the radio stations, where the RJ was talking about how we measure happiness. He was saying that research has proved that, it is mostly the small small minute things, which bring great joy to our lives, like saying a small thank you, or a good morning wish and so on...(and I was wondering why a research was even required to prove this? Wasn't it obvious enough?) And then, there was the public calling and sharing their moments where a small event had made them so happy. So, here I was, wondering about the happiest moments in my life. Weirdly enough, I was able to recall only the not-so-happy moments instantly. Not that I don't have any happy memories, just that our mind resides mainly on the recent events, even when we have so many happy memories at the back of our mind...Ever since, I am recollecting all the happiest memories in my life so far (so that I don't have trouble the next time someone asks me about them)

So, down the memory lane, some of my happiest moments.....(as far as my memory can take me)

- when I got my first bi- cycle
- when I learnt to ride my father's TVS-50 without any guidance
- when my father was so proud of me pursuing an engineering career
- the all-girls talks we had in our gang during our college tour
- when I got back my supposed-to-be-lost friendship
- my engineering graduation
- when I got my first job, and I showed the offer letter to my father
- when I got my first account details and my first debit card (with zero balance)
- when Sri told me 'I love you' for the first time (and every time he tells me that, for that matter!)
- when me and sri held hands for the first time in the beach
-when i introduced sri to my friend and colleague, before our marriage, he told me that he was happy to see me happy and that we are a made-for-each-other couple
- when I realised that I was pregnant for the first time
- when Sri shouted "Smruthi di Smruthi"in the labor ward
- when I realised that even my second was a girl when Sri shouted "Its Swathi again" in my labor ward
- when Smruthi was jumping when she heard that she had a baby SISTER
- every time I fight with Sri and I WIN. :)
- every saturday morning, when smruthi confirms if I am on leave for the next two days
- the joy on my kids face last week when me and sri returned from diwali shopping, carrying bags full of crackers
- the hug which smruthi gave me for 5 whole minutes when I returned from UK
- when sri told me that I need not go for any more onsite trips when I returned (not that he does like that, but because, he missed me)
- when my best friend told me that he was so glad that he and sri have bonded so easily and we were still able to continue our friendship even after 10 odd years
-when the same friend complimented me saying that my blogs are good (I don't remember him appreciating me for anything else)
- the surprise b'day gift which sri gave me last year
- once, when I gave nice blastings to Smruthi, (for what, I don't remember now), she was crying and I felt so bad, that I went and told her as to how I am being a very bad mother, and that I should not have shouted at her, she instantly replied that, I am NOT a bad mother, even though she was still crying. That is one of the precious moments of my life.

...more to come as and when I remember....

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  1. You know, during a phase of my life when I was confused about so many important things of life - my sister told me something which I continue to do till date

    1. divide personal diary into 2 halfs - one for recording events

    2. The second half - divide into 2 halfs (literally 1/4th of diary)

    3. Keep one section to record 3 happy moments of each day in one section and 3 moments that you wished could have been different

    Trust me now my 1/4th of diary recording not so happy moments has reduced to an extent that I am not able to fill more than one everyday, while the happy moments are more than 5-6 most days!!

    In general it has given me more things to relish and has taught me to adjust myself to scenarios to ensure I don't feel bad about them!!

    Just a thought to ponder on....