Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy B’day to me!!!

Today as I’m entering my second year in the thirties, I re-collect all my previous birthdays. When in school, my birthday would almost always fall during the Christmas holidays, and so, no color dress to school, no chocolates distribution to friends and teachers. Oh, how I would envy my friends whose bdays fell on school days, and how they would show off their color dresses to friends on their b’days! Today, when my daughter demands the type of chocolates she wishes to give her friends on her b’day, I can relate with her only too well.

When in college, it was again during the semester holidays or if my luck would have it, it would be the semester exams itself. Though the chocolate distribution craze had worn out by that time, the gifts and cards were always there to be opened and cherished. Something to look forward to!

Join the corporate world, a b’day cake was cut for my birthday, as a team of course, but still that was my first cake ever. Somewhere down the line, the craze of gifts and sweets had slowly worn out, not that I’m not enjoying my life. I’m still happy and satisified with the way my life is going, but I guess that with age comes maturity and so all the childish desires slowly fade out of interest.

But today was different. Apart from the special wishes from friends and well-wishers, one of my team-member, came and gave me a chocolate! Chocolates always lift my mood, but the fact that this person thought of giving it as my b’day gift was what made it special. And then, there was another chocolate from yet another team-mate, and then, one another! Its been raining chocolates today! More than the gift, the thought that my team-members had of wanting to gift me, was what made me feel special.

Thanks to all my well-wishers! Each one of you truly made my day!