Friday, December 27, 2013

Margazhi Kolams!!!

There used to be a time before marriage, when I just could not wait to finish my dinner, and complete my part of the household chores, so that I can recede to my room to be alone with my mobile and the person who gifted it. I face a similar anxiety again, ever since margazhi started. I just cannot wait to get outside and start drawing the kolams. Ever since my childhood, I’ve always been fascinated by kolams and the interest has grown to almost an obsession now!

Moreover, now I have an extra factor to contribute to my interest – my lovely girls. More than me, they are the ones who are more excited by my kolams. Everything is best experienced when shared, and so my neighbours add to the fun, by joining us, and our respective kids play judges to decide the best kolam in the street, and no wonder, my kids always declare that mine is the best. If the kolam next door is an inch bigger than ours, then, they wouldn’t let me rest until I have expanded mine to be bigger than theirs. With an inspiration like this, who wouldn’t be interested? So, presenting you the pics of my kolams this margazhi so far!!! More to be published as and when I find time :)
Thiruvaadhirai special

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