Friday, April 23, 2010

Kuzhal inidhu…yaazh inidhu enbar….

During a random car conversation yesterday, my daughter was telling her father that only our car was the best among all the other cars in the road. So, we asked her what about the previous car we had, and she said that our new car only was good and not the old Accent. So, we asked her if she knew the name of our new car and this is what she said…

“Illama…idhu dhan nallla irukku…namma pudhu car

Maadhuri-ku Suduki”

‘Kuzhal Inidhu Yaazh Inidhu enbar….tham makkal mazhalai sol kelaadhavar”
(Note that the author has wrote it as “tham” makkal)

PS: Hope you understood the name of our new car…for those who didn’t understand…its “Maruti Suzuki – Ritz”

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