Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ayush homam, party and the kids

I know this is a very late post, but am happy that I am able to post it at least before her actual birthday (I meant her Date of birth). So here it is.

Last sunday dawned bright and beautiful, but I did not. Already tired from the previous day’s preparations, it was very hard to open my eyes at 5 in the morning. (For early wakers, yes…5 is VERY VERY EARLY for me, almost like midnight). But still, it is my kiddos’ birthday and its not going to be her ayush homam everyday. So, woke up with a smile on my face. This is saying something, as there was a BIG FIGHT between me and my hubby the previous night and and we were not yet compromised. Since I myself was already tired, I didn’t have the heart to wake up the kids so early and taking into consideration the previous night’s events, I didn’t have the heart to allow my hubby to sleep. So woke him promptly. And after ensuring that he is not going back to sleep, I started all the work. By 7, the kids were bathed and before I could start their make-up, the saastrigal arrived. So what? I told him to wait and continued my work, trying hard not to lose my patience. Thank God, Smruthi and Swathi were very very co-operative.

Then started all the rites and homams, and since the birthday baby was not required to sit in front of the fire, I put her to sleep. Then all the relatives arrived, perfectly oohed and aahed over both the kids. Then the actual homam started, and the entire house was in smoke and everyone was in tears, but thank god, my kids still didn’t cry and managed the heat and smoke beautifully in this peak summer. God bless the guy who invented the AC.

Smruthi fully appreciated that it was her sister’s birthday and she played her role very nicely and she WAS successful. She was singing “Happy birthday Swaaaathhiiii…. “ the entire day. Then we did the anna prachanam where she was fed the sweet rice and the function ended by receiving the gifts friends and relatives. As the gifts were received on one end, they were getting unwrapped at the other end. Courtesy – Smruthi.

Then force fed both the kids and again forced both of them to sleep, since there was again the party in the evening, since I didn’t want her to be sleepy and spoil her party.

At the party:

Again, here Swathi acted as the beautiful little hostess during the entire evening and enjoyed her maximum. Both my kids didn’t fuss, even when I was constantly changing their costume, bangles and hair clips.
They seemed to enjoy even that. Thank You God. Thank You very much. (You girls made my day dears.)

When the cake was opened, Smruthi helped her sister happily by blowing the candle and cutting the cake by holding her hand. .
She very lovingly took the first piece of cake, and as everyone was expecting her to feed the cake to Swathi, she swallowed the entire piece in one gulp and never turned to her sister’s side. How loving!!!!! So, we left Smruthi to enjoy her cake peacefully and we gave the cake to Swathi She enjoyed the cake. It was a White Forest Tweety cake. She was licking each and everyone’s finger’s who were trying to give her the cake. When my boss’ wife came to greet her, she was actually opening her mouth expecting them too to give her some cake.

Then came all the photo sessions and dinner was served and both of them dropped to sleep, the moment we left the hall and entered the car.

So, all in all, it was a great day. A VERY GREAT DAY.


  1. kutties rendu perum super aa irrukanga di ... identical dress super aa irrukku ...thanks for sharing the photos ....

  2. identical dress edukka naan patta paadu enakku dhan theriyum...

    thank god, all my efforts have borne the fruits....elllarume nalla irukku-nu sonnanga...and more than that, it was comfortable for them to wear in this summer.

  3. Nice narration. Actually I have my 2nd daughter Ayush homam coming up in Nov. I was looking for what all things to be done. luckily had chance to read your blog and I felt like reading the munnotom of our ayush homam. The only change is we are planning to celebrate the cake cutting by one week later.

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