Monday, April 5, 2010

Shopping??? Ufff....!!!!!!!!

I never thought a time would come when I would utter the words “Im sick of shopping” and that too to my husband. He gave me “Neeya pesiyadhu?” look yesterday when I told him this. Shopping is no easy task, I tell you. That too with two kids of which one is a toddler and the other is nearly similar to a toddler.

I never thought buying a party wear frock for two girls would be such a complicated task. And what’s wrong in asking for the same design and same color dress for both the girls? If this is there, that is not there. If that is there, this is not there. If both are there, the size doesn’t match.

My second daughter’s first b’day is coming up and I am on a shopping spree. I want to dress them both in the same identical dress on her birthday. Anything wrong in that? My hubby is against it. “Then there will not be any difference between the b’day baby and her sister”, he says. I mean when people are invited for a first b’day function, can’t they even differentiate a one year old from a three year old?

But, when have I ever listened to him? So, sticking to my own ‘identical dress for both” thought, we went to RMKV yesterday evening for buying Pattu paavadais for my girls. And I found one – no. Two of the same color and design. Success!! So, after giving the same for stitching, we went to the kids section. After seeing some around 20-25 dresses, I was not satisfied. Either the designs were not same or the color was not same or the size was not matching. So, I settled with “atleast the same color” theme. Again I was not satisfied.

So, we next went to Pothys. There the guy showed some dresses of the same design, color and size, but my hubby didn’t like them. Now, hear the reason. They are not “costly enough”. I was like “WHAT?” No, I am not blaming his intention of buying nice rich dresses for his daughters, but has he ever said that statement when I WANTED TO BUY SOMETHING FOR MYSELF??????? How dare he? But, since I didn’t want to create a scene in front of the shopkeeper, I reserved this statement for future use and left Pothys also.

On crossing Loyola, I remembered the “Little Princess – the Exclusive frock shop”. Having heard some good feedback about this shop, we took a U-turn and tried that shop. According to my opinion, the place is absolutely “good for nothing’. What I could get for 300 + in Pothys was around 800+ and the quality was sooooo bad. Immediately left the place.

Its already 7.30 PM and we girls and the gentleman with us were dying of hunger. We thought of trying “Hi-style” as our last option. And u know what…they didn’t have party frocks for 1 year old in stock. It would take atleast 2-3 weeks for them to get their order and I should try after that time. For what? Celebrating the after effects of her b’day? I give up and we went to the restaurant, hogged something and went home.

Even having said the above statement, I don’t give up on shopping that easily. So, I am going to try again next week in the shops which I have missed in my first round. But, I’m determined to get identical dresses for them both, even if I have to shop till the last day before her birthday.


  1. Hey,
    I landed on your blog thru Boo's. I have to say that i agree with your hubby. Shouldnt the b'day gal be treated special ? I have only one gal who is 27 months though

  2. I like the idea of similar dresses, but probably not the same color. Are they going to be in uniforms?
    Even as a child I hated my mom for having purchased the same color and design for me and my sis!!