Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Last year I had to go to S’gpore officially for a 10 day training and my daughter was less than 2 years. My hubby decided to join me since I was in my 6th month of my second pregnancy. Since I was given only 3 days notice, I couldn’t arrange for a passport for Smruthi. We thought 10 days was a long time and were not sure if she would manage without us, especially me. So, we decided to drop her off at my parent’s place where she had my sister’s kids for her company. (She usually forgets me when she is with them)

In the airport, I was all tears to leave my baby for 10 whole days, but this little angel was more interested in the bhoondi packet which my mother had rather than saying Bye to me. I was telling her that I will not be there for 10 days and she had to be a good kid with her paati, all she said was “U go fast, I have to eat my bhoondi”. What a loving child!!

And now, for the past ten days or so, whenever she sees an aeroplane, she says

“Amma….adho paaru aeroplane….neeyum appavum enna vittutu poneengale….andha aeroplane…”

(Pls note that the stress was more on the “enna vittutu poniye” part than the aeroplane)

I tell you, this girl exists solely to make me feel guilty…

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