Monday, June 14, 2010

Holiday....Jolly day...

11 Jun 2010 was the ideal day for me, which I have often dreamed of. I bunked office to see my daughter going first day to her school. I know, it sounds silly but still, its ok.

So, on Friday, I woke up early, prepared breakfast and lunch, and woke up Smruthi, bathed her myself, made her ready for school myself, prepared her favorite Bread toast, fed her, packed lunch for my hubby and FIL, dropped her in school myself, spoke to her teachers and picked her from school myself. Then we spent some “our time” – just the two of us. We spoke about her likes and dislikes, her wants, her happenings in her school, laughed, played, and watched her favorite playschool annual day CD. She told me that she wanted a new ‘straw’ water bottle like the one V had in her school and not her old sipper bottle. She also needed a new snacks box.

2:00 – 4:30 – ‘My time’
Smruthi slept, and it was net time for me. Blogged, chatted and browsed. Then cleaned the house, and SLEPT. An afternoon nap after such a long, looooong time. Woke up at 4:30 – both of us.

5:00 – 6:30 – ‘Shopping time’

Went to some two three shops with Smruthi, before she could select her favorite Orange color water bottle and snacks box. Bought vegetables and groceries and returned home.

6:30 – 10:00 - 'Dinner time'

Prepared my hubby’s favorite aloo paratha with bindi masala side-dish. Received him with a smile, when he returned from office and served him dinner hot-hot. Since I don’t believe in being humble, I take pride in saying that both the dishes came out very nicely. I have understood that a dish becomes tastier, not only when it is made out of the right ingredients, but when it is made out of love. And to top it all, my hubby complimented me on the dish, and that too, without me asking him how it is. Vasishtar vaayala brahma-rishi. Then we chatted, played, told bed-time stories and finally, I went to sleep with a happy smile in my face.

One-day unplanned leave to office is worth this any day.
How I wish I could spend each and every day like this with my family. Sigh! *Deep breaths*

PS: If you are wondering why Swathi is nowhere in the picture, she had gone to see her atthai payan with her paati in my SIL’s place and she returned only after the weekend

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  1. Great...... I am glad you could do that!! I have been doing something similar minus the kids' part for the past one month - in my medical leave. Just that I couldn't cook much everyday owing to my back pain!! But I also had a good time :)