Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I fall in love with a song even if it remotely says something about love. Such an idiot I am. Ok..Ok..Having established that fact, lets move on to the next fact. Whenever I hear such a song, there will definitely be atleast a single line in the song which will impress me. (Even if the so-called love song is a huge flop.) And having been impressed by that line, what do I do next?? Go back to my flash-back scenes - yes, I am talking about the good-old kadalai-potta days between me and my hubby, recalling any particular incident. That incident would have been the main reason why I got impressed by that line.

Now, why am I like this today?? Because I heard one such song today and NO...this song is not some such stupid not-so-good song. Everything about this song is so good....right from the lyrics, to the singers, to the music....I have not seen the song yet. So, I cannot comment on that part. I am talking about the song "Pookal Pookum.." song from the movie Madarasapattinam. OH MY GOD!!!!! So good...so romaaannntiiic, so melodious....that I was not at all in a mood to work today. I was sort of even addicted to this song, that the moment my PM was out of sight, i popped the head-phones to hear this song.

There was this particular line "Netru varai naeram poga villaye...unadharuge...naeram podhavillaye...." aiyooooo kadavule....such a beautiful line...and my darling hubby knows (hopefully) why i am impressed by this line....and there was this one more line "Netru thevai illai...Naalai thevai illai...indru indha nodi podhumee....", impressed again for the same reason.

Here are the lyrics for the song. Dedicated to the most special person of my life......

Pookkal pookkum - Madarasa pattinam song lyrics

Pookkal pookkum tharunam aaruyirey paarthadhaarum illaye
Ularum kaalai pozhudhai muzhumadhiyum pirindhu povadhillaye

Netruvarai naeram pogavillaye...unadharugey neram podhavillaye..
Edhuvum pesavillaye...indru eno...edhuvum thoandravillaye idhu ennavo..
Iravum vidiyavillaiye, adhu vidindhaal...pagalum mudiyavillaiye...poondhalirey…
O… O… O…
O… O… O…

Vaarththai thevaiyillai vaazhum kaalamvarai paavai paarvai mozhi pesumae
Naetru thevaiyillai naalai thevaiyillai indru indha nodi podhumey

Ver indri vidhaiyindri vin thoovum mazhaiyindri
idhu enna ivan thoattam pooppookkudhey

Vaal indri por indri valikindra yutham indri
idhu enna ivan ambu enai velludhey

Idhayam muzhudhum irukkum indha thayakkam nenjikkullum irukkum
Idhaiyariya engu kidaikkum vilakkam adhu kidaithaal sollavendum enakkum


Endha megamidhu endhan vaasal vandhu engum eera mazhai thoovudhey
Enna uravu idhu edhuvum puriyavillai endraboadhum idhu nee enben

Yaar endru ariyaamal perkkooda theriyaamal
ivanodu oru sondham uruvaanathen
Yenendru ketkaamal thaduthaalum nirkkaamal
ivan poagum vazhiyengum manam poagudhey

Paadhai mudindha piragum indha ulagil payanam mudivadhillaiye
Kaatril parandhey paravai maraindha piragum
Ilai thoadangum nadanam mudivadhillaiye

Idhu edhuvo……

Thaana thom thanana, Thaana thom thanana
Thaana thom thanana thaananey nananaa
Thaana thom thanana, Thaana thom thanana
Thaana thom thanana thaananey nananaa

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