Monday, August 16, 2010

Theeradha vilayaatu pillai...

Last Friday was Sports Day in Smruthi’s school – and hear the venue – NEHRU INDOOR STADIUM. That was the first time I saw Nehru Stadium in my life and my little one was into an event in Nehru Stadium at 3.5 yrs of her age. My friend asked me what my ‘padipaali’ was going to do in Sports Day. And hey dude…here’s your answer. My padipaali won the FIRST PRIZE for Running Race in her section. Howzzatt!!
The mighty feat of the tiny feet!!!!!

Her daddy always used to say that if one of our daughters (or both) becomes a sports-person and an international player, then we might get a chance to tour the world for their sake. And now Smruthi has given him a reason to start dreaming.

Big successes start with a small step…All the best to you dear for reaching great heights. (And don’t forget to take your parents when you are touring the world for your matches :)

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