Monday, August 23, 2010

Motherhood is...

…crying when watching the doctor stitching the forehead of your one-year old.
…having to hold her head tightly when the doctor is piercing her head.
…feeling the pain when your kid is crying.
…hate the fact of being helpless when your kid is looking at you to help her from the pain.

Swathi has got a big cut on her forehead and the doctor has put four stitches on her head.

“un kannil neer vazhindhaal..en nenjil udhiram kottudhadi….”

I fully realized the meaning of these words today.

All the souls reading this…please pray for her fast recovery.


  1. don't worry amma. iam fine.these are some veera thalumbu.

  2. thanks dear for that wonderful response

  3. Brae child. Don't let your tears weaken her.......