Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The institution called Marriage

Why can't I have my life the way I want it to be? Why do I need to be the one who always has to adjust to everything and everyone - right from nandu-sundu to all the olds and golds? (Even the husband - for that matter) Why can't others compromise for my sake atleast once in a while? Why does getting married means compromises only from the daughter-in-law? Why do we have to give up all our past desires and become a adjust-o-meter for other's sake? Why should I be the one who has to give-up and talk first, for his sake, for her sake, for their sake....whatever.... Who cares about 'my sake'????

Marriage is not always the bed of roses, I agree...and am experiencing this too... (for the first time in 6 years)


  1. yes you are right...but there is hard to understand some philosophy to all level people...that's the thing... please kindly visit my blog and leave your comments....my mail id is kmrjayakumar@gmail.com thank you

  2. Everything in life has its own pros and cons Gayu! For the sake of a lifetime companionship (which is probably the most importatnt thing in life) we do have to give up a few things! As long as it doesn't affect your principles in life, it is ok!
    Probably what you need is a holiday ... a good break out of this tiring city! - with or without your family depends on how frustrated you feel;)