Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy 4th...

Time is really running very fast, dear. Its already your 4th birthday. My baby is slowly becoming a girl. In the past year, you have been a combination of all that a mom could possibly ask for – the cute girl, naughty, mischievous, impossible, arrogant, funny, affectionate sister, and what not! You have been your sister’s best friend and worst enemy.

In the past year, you have faced a lot of hardships from your little sister, especially during the past 6 months. She is literally using you as a punching bag, whenever she is angry, happy, sad, irritated or whatever. You gracefully accept all her pinches, and come crying to me. Even in such a situation, you never beat her. The maximum you can do is not give her the things she asks for, which again leads to more fights. But never once, have you attacked back. Is it because, you have a soft corner for your sister, amidst all the fights, or you are not that way? I don’t know, but still, I love you for this too. The sibling rivalry between you two is reaching its peaks, obviously breaking my nerves, at every instance possible. In good times, when both of you are in the same room and still the house is very silent, I can understand that you two kootu kalavaanis are upto something. Its either this way or that. As the tamil proverb goes “Vecha kodumi saracha mottai”. On the whole, you both can never let me be in peace.

In the past year, you have come to know what feelings are. You get really hurt, when I say that I won’t talk to you, or when I remotely say something like “get lost!” You tell me not to tell you things like that. I am learning from you, but still, the joy I get, when you care that I won’t talk to you…its bliss, I tell you.

Your biggest achievement this year has been your maturity level in handling the absence of your mom for six weeks, when I had to travel abroad. You fully understood the situation and never once gave trouble to your father in my absence, and yet you missed me like never before. Ever since my return, you are glued to me all the time when I am in home. I can realize how much you have missed me, my darling. I know how hard it would have been for you, yet you managed wonderfully. I promise you that I shall never again put you in such a situation. Never, ever!

Academics – you are getting better all the time, and even in your current school, you have become the teacher’s pet. You are becoming a good artist, you color very well.
You gave a couple of stage performances too. You were also given a special invite for your previous play school’s annual day, taking into consideration, the extraordinary performance which you gave last year.

Dear, just to remind you again, you have become 4 now. Can you please stop that stupid habit of stuffing cloth in your mouth while sleeping, and also, can you start drinking milk by the cup. I would be very glad if you do so.

There are so many more things, which I want to write about, just that I am not able to phrase them. As always, love you more and more and more.

Can you believe, you have grown from here …..

To here….

Happy 4th birthday darling.

Loads of love and kisses,
Your mom

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