Monday, February 27, 2012


Dear Smruthi,

Its your birthday again, and you are turning five today. The past year has really been a roller-coaster ride with you. You have been the lovable princess most of the time, and in your crankiest best, for the rest of the time, literally driving me mad. There have been times when you have been so cuddly, utterly-butterly lovable, and I couldn't have enough of you, and the other times, I just felt like running away. May be they were your mood swings, as you were growing from a kid to a girl.

You are learning sentiments, and you are becoming an emotional idiot, just like me. Not that I am particularly happy about this trait of yours. This year, the fights between you and me reached an all time high, which is more than the fights between you and your sister. The only time, you listen to me is when I say that I won’t talk to you anymore, and you just can’t stand that. I don’t mean what I am saying darling. I’m just using it as a bait (or blackmail as your father would call it) to make you listen to me. And this doesn’t really work, if you know that this is intentional. You just say ‘paesalaina…po’ and carry on with your work. Now, what am I supposed to do with you? I am growing with you as a mother. Once, during our regular fights, when it was going beyond limits, and I whacked you, (as usual), do you know what you said? “It is only after Swathi came, that you are beating me, so much. Before that you were so affectionate to me.” Until then, I never realized the mistake I have been doing. And I have changed ever since. Not that I have stopped fighting with you, but I have started fighting with your sister as well. And you are happy with that! Now, you are using this dialogue to blackmail me, and your father doesn’t seem to care about that! So, just for the records, we are both even now.

You are a wonderful orator. You like to give the opening speech, or the introduction message for most of your school programs. And coming to your language – you talk English, you walk English, and eat English. You have learnt to understand and respond back in English. We can never realize what you’ll say and when. The other day, in front of the whole house, you said something similar to ‘I know what you did last summer’, leaving me embarrassed. So, this leaves me and your dad with no choice, but to switch to hindi, when we want to talk something, without your understanding. You are becoming a story-maniac. You can’t have enough of the “Snowwhite’ and ‘Beauty & the Beast’. You want to watch the CDs when you are awake, and want to hear those stories, when you go to sleep. You have given up Cindrella, only because, your sister takes the pride of breaking that CD.

You are becoming more of a girl, from the kid, I saw you first. This is evident from the fact, that you love make-ups. You are becoming more beauty-conscious. If I say, that using the kadala maavu will make your skin glow, or applying egg-yoke will make your hair more silky, you are more than happy, to do those. Just hope that you make your dad spend more for your cosmetics, which he refuses to do for me!

You and Swathi! Oh! Where do I begin and how do I end? Whatever has happened to sister affections and girly gossips! Perhaps the word – ‘sibling rivalry’ was coined for you both. Both of you fight as if you were arch rivals, which goes to the extent of making me worry, rather than shout. Inspite of that, if either you or your sister, step out of the house, without the other, you miss her. And you still refuse to exchange her with the tiny-baby girl from the opposite house. (Of whom you are so fond of!)

This year, you have given up the bad habit of stuffing your mouth while sleeping, and have also started drinking milk by the cup. Great! There’s a lot more darling. Looking back makes me realize, how much and how fast you are growing. I want you to stop growing, so that I can cherish you in the same stage, again and again. I want you to grow faster, that I can’t wait to see what you are about to become next.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Darling!!!

Your birthday is a special day, to celebrate the gift of ‘you’ to us.

With loads of love and kisses,
Your mom & dad

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