Friday, February 17, 2012

Competitions & Competitors

Yesterday night, as usual, I am honking as I am nearing my house. And as usual, my daughters come and open the doors.

On entering, Smruthi thrust my hands with a certificate and a medal. Madam has won the first prize for a TN State-level coloring competition, which was conducted in her school: I-know-not-when. I had no clue that she has even participated in such a competition. (I know, I deserve all the praises for being a working mom.) I feel proud of my daughter, and hug her.

Immediately, out of nowhere, Swathi, grabs all the invitations, telephone bills and whatever she could find in the size of a certificate, and comes running to me, and shows: "Amma, paaru....Miss enakkum prize koduthaaa.....". I laugh at my daughter's act. And Smruthi was mature enough NOT to point out that her sister was wrong.

Do I call this innocence? Smartness? Shrewdness? Jealousy?

Whatever! I am smiling! And I am happy about my kids!

There is only one beautiful child in this world, and every mom has it.
I have two!!!!! :)


  1. Such adorable darlings you have!! and Smruthi seems to be maturing so fast as an elder sis!! You are lucky!!

    Loads of hugs to both the little ones! :)