Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unakkul paarkava...Ulladhai sollava?

The other day, you, my dear hubby, asked me as to what I know about you and what I have understood about you in these almost 7 years....and this post has been pending in my draft section, ever since that day! And, finally it's seeing daylight today! So, here's the list.

- You are short-tempered (even though my mom doesn't admit it)
- You are patient enough to handle me, when I am in my worst moods.
- You handle pressure situations very calmly.
- You don't get tensed even if whole hell breaks loose. You are interested only in the paper and TV.
- You like to tell Swathi, that I love her sister more, and you intend to do that even after they grow up!
- You love to irritate me!
- You always like to pull Kicha's leg, and this irritates me further!
- You like to show off your love for me, in front of your friends. (I'm not sure, if it's the effect of your friends, but I like it, nevertheless)
- You, like a kid, become irritated, if you are hungry.
- Even though, you are not the typical romantic types, you have all it takes to be a wonderful and caring husband. The other day, when my car's rear view mirror broke, because of an auto, and I called you on the spot, the first question you asked was, 'What happened to you?', and not 'What happened to the car?'. Do you know, how much that meant to me? (Though God knows, what would have happened to you, if you had asked the second question, first)
- You love our daughters, more than you love me....(or is it as much as you love me?) I'm jealous!!!
- You take pride, when they achieve something in their schools.
- You claim that they are your girls, when they are good, and that they are mine, when they are cranky. You look utterly childish, when you say these.
- You are not a mother's boy. In case of arguments, you neither talk in favor of me, nor your mom. You only support whoever is right, be it me or your mom. You are balanced.
- You like to help others in need. You don't think twice.
- You like vacations.
- You are a typical businessman!
- You like organizing functions.
- You, just like me, like to watch our marriage photos and CDs, over and over, again and again.
- YOU LOVE ME. (Poor me, I have to say this as well.)

And there are many more in the list. But they are only for you, and not for this post. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Come, let's fall in love....all over again!!!

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