Monday, July 26, 2010

Born to be a prankster!!

The Tupperware saga….

We have a tupperware container in our house to store the rice, or any other flour. Swathi has reached a stage where she has understood that she can reach objects if she stands on something elevated. Here comes the Tupperware (henceforth mentioned as TW) into picture. She takes the TW box, places it near the microwave stand and tries to get on top of the oven by standing on top of the TW. In the meanwhile, all the buttons and knobs in the oven are subject to her whims and fancies. Fearing another fall and another huge cry-baby drama, we tried to keep the TW on the second top shelf far from her reach. But she tries to reach the second shelf by climbing on the first shelf and pulling the TW. So, we loaded the container fully with wheat/ maida. Now the TW was full and heavy, unable for a one-year old to carry it. So, she couldn’t use the poor TW as bait to climb. Such a brilliant idea, right? Wrong. She now started to PUSH the TW towards the oven and started climbing. If only the TW had legs, it would have left our house long back. That’s it. The poor TW lost all its patience and CRACK! There came a strong line exactly along the center of the lid. Now, has anyone ever heard of a Tupperware breaking? Atleast, I have not. The poor TW, which had seen its days in my home even before my marriage, had finally met its end. May its soul rest in peace. Amen!

All doors lead to home…

The brilliant architect who designed our house has made it in such a way, that there are three doors – one the main door in the hall, a side door near the kitchen and a back door. A person can go through any one of these doors and enter through any other door – provided it is open. Now, the Ms. Smarty of our house (Ya, Swathi) knows how to get down the steps (even if it is just one step to get through the door – a step is a step right?), and there she goes exploring her new talent. The moment any one of the door is opened, she comes running even if she is another corner of the house to get out. If the house is silent for a few minutes, it is a red signal that madam is up to something. It should have been that someone has forgotten to bolt the door, and there’s no use searching for her inside the house. Let her walk all day and night and she is a happy baby – a VERY HAPPY BABY.

Best time pass ideas…

-Swathi enga kanumeeee??? Tries to close her face with her two tiny hands
-Swathi jump – jumps like hell in the bed. (Jumps only if she is in the bed)
-Bends and touches the floor and tries to see the world through the gap between her legs
-Takes a hand-kerchief from the shelf, sits in one corner where no air can enter and start folding it
-If nothing else – grab the things from her sister and when refused – grab her down, pull her hair and give her one big BITE and make her cry.
Point to be noted – Now, it is only Smruthi crying and not Swathi. Remember that history repeats itself???

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