Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear hubby

I am writing this because, I wanted to thank you for something which you did yesterday. When I lost my job yesterday and informed you after coming home, you were neither disturbed nor worried about this. You told me that it didn’t matter much to you. You told me that I am capable of getting a better job anytime and that is the reason why you were not worried. Do you know how much this confidence means to me? You also told me that even if don’t get a job, I can be a home-maker as per my wish anytime, and you trusted me enough that I will be able to manage financially too. Thanks for that.

When I got this news yesterday and when I informed my colleagues, almost everyone appreciated me at how well I handled the situation. Even when the news came as a sudden shock, I didn’t react and I took the news very boldly. That’s what they said. But you know, how much ever I project myself as bold and confident to others, I can be myself to you. That is why I cried the moment I saw you. I knew very well that you will not think me crazy or over-reacting, when I express myself to you.

You always give me advice when I need one most. In other times, when I feel let down, you just lend me your shoulder to cry on and that is all I have ever wanted. Love you Sri. Be there for me in both good times and bad – Always.

Ur one and only wife.

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  1. Hey Gayu & Sri - Ask some one to Suthi pottufy!!

    & Gayu - I am telling you this becuase I went through something like this in 2008 - It is a part of life. It is never easy to lose job, but what one can never take from you is your confidence, unless you want to give it away yourself.

    Take care & remember you have another shoulder to lean on whenever you want :)