Monday, July 26, 2010

Like mother...Like daughter....

Smruthi – This time, the update is for the Padipaali of our house. The way the things are happening – she might have as well joined IAS directly, rather than pre-KG. Every day, after their dinner is over, she leaves to her ‘study room’ with her paati and sister where she ‘studies’. (And I complete the rest of my work in peace). If for some reason - like her paati is not feeling well, or some guests in home, she is not able to study; she creates a big scene before going to bed. Or otherwise, she is very upset that she is not able to read that day.

Every Friday, she brings home her coloring notebook from school, where she is expected to color a similar drawing, which her teacher has marked and take it back on Monday. And every Sunday, she gets to work very studiously. Believe me or not, last week, when she was coloring, (in her study room) her grandpa was watching TV (in the hall). This lady went straight to him and said “Thatha....TV-a chinnadha vai. Enakku ore disssttaarbaance-a irukku” And you know what...he switched off the TV, because Smruthi was studying.

If you think that this girl is hyper-active in this area, just wait till you hear of her grand-parents. They act as if Smruthi is the only child in the whole wide world who is studying or who is capable of studying. The way they praise their grand-child is too much – even for me to hear them. If one of her crayons has become small or missing, and when I tell her to adjust with what she has, they treat me as one who is spoiling the entire career of their grandchild, and the next day she has a new crayon set. I get irritated when such things happen and to top it all – they want to buy a new computer for her. When told that she can “study her IAS syllabus” in the existing laptop itself, it seems like she can concentrate only when she has a dedicated system for her own. I mean, I didn’t have a computer even for my engineering project.

Though one half of my heart makes me feel proud of having such a daughter, the other half is seriously not able to take up all this. Sometimes all I can do is just laugh when such things happen. And my laughter irritates her all the more. Who will not get irritated when someone laughs at their supposed-to-be-serious thoughts?

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