Monday, November 29, 2010

Realization hits…

Before coming here, I knew that I would definitely miss certain things in my life like:

-My family
-That cozy hug (including my kids)
-Home-made food and so on.

What I never knew was that I would miss even the not-so-important things in my life, like

-THAMIZH. Meeting a person outside our group who spoke in thamizh would bring so much joy to our hearts.

-South-indian food. God knows what the attendant thought of us when we shamelessly hogged on the pongal, sambar vadai, and masala dosa in the restaurant in London yesterday. (After such a long time). He couldn’t control his laughter when we asked him “Ingayaavadhu coffee-la paal viduveengala” and he answered, “pakka namma ooru coffee tharen”. And yes, he did give that pakka namma ooru coffee.

-Climate. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would miss Chennai climate. CHENNAI CLIMATE. My God! But, to leave the house, as and when you wish, without having to wear a hundred extra fittings, without covering all your beautiful dresses with a stupid winter jacket, and most importantly, without the stupid monkey cap, is really a blessing.

-Couples. To see couples walking hand-in-hand would bring a pain pang in my heart. I knew that I would face this, but it is still a pain nevertheless. And last, but not the least…

-BATHROOM MUG – Yuck!!!!!! (This one word summarizes it all.)

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