Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gift for a friend....

I had a college friend or rather I have a friend whom I met in college. My name and his name started with the same alphabet and so as per the attendance rolls, I was forced to work with him during all my workshops. Practicals, ED classes, etc. We shared our work…for ex, I used to complete his workshop records and he used to complete my ED drawings. That is how we mainly became friends.

During the class hours, only I took notes, when this friend and his back bench friends used to have a gala time. My notes were used by him during our semesters – meaning they were either copied down for him by his sister or were photo-copied. (Thanks to the 30 p Xerox) Even during the term tests, it was I who used to prepare "bits" for him, while I slogged for mugging up my theories. (Writing will help u to remember them…..he said….but chinnatha eludhu…I cannot carry notes in the exam hall…only bits…) Idhellam rumba tooooooooo much da….i said, but still I have never said no to any of his atrocities.

There was always a munch or kit-kat waiting after the fights….no matter who started the fight and ended it….the munch or kit-kat would always be sponsored by me only. But still, there were some very rare occasions, where suddenly I received a perk from him for no reason.

Then our college days were over..he got settled in a good job, I got married, my husband and him became good friends, he settled in UK…all that is fine. But the reason for this blog is......

Suddenly one fine day he calls me and says he is going to do FURTHER STUDIES….that too…..GLOBAL MBA…. I was like…. :-s
Though I wished him…congratulated him and all tht bla bla bla…. I couldn’t help telling him….”Now you will understand my value da…..lets c who writes u notes in s’gpore”

Since we were supposed to be very good friends, I decided to get him something as a token of appreciation for his agni paritchai of continuing studies again. But we couldn’t meet before he left and so I decided to keep the so called gift for myself. (I really bought this gift for him only…and not for me…not for me….not for me….)

Now, since he got a 4-day holiday and he needed a break very badly (poor guy….padikara kaalathula olunga padichirundha….ippa kashtam theriyaadhu-la…) he came to India last weekend. As a dutiful friend, I called him on Saturday (thought he claims to have made the call first) and we planned to meet. But as another dutiful friend, he failed to come and left back without even bothering to call me before leaving. will not be my fault if the gift still remains with me…right? And since I’m not at all angry with you my dear friend, I promise you that you will never ever receive that gift from me…..

The only way to console me is may be you can think of sending me one bag of assorted chocolates…exclusively for me and another bag for my daughters….and another one for my hubby since he too loves them….wht abt it buddy?

PS: I wouldn’t say no to the s'gpore airline tickets which u said u would sponsor for my family either!!!!

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