Wednesday, March 24, 2010


How can men blame women for watching mega-serials when they can eat cricket, drink cricket and sleep cricket? No, I am not against cricket. Even I watch cricket – or rather I used to watch cricket (before my marriage that is) and I like the thrill and excitement, but there could be no one who can watch this game like my husband. (Dear, this is NOT a compliment)

He becomes totally deaf and dumb while watching cricket or reading cricket news. Even I become deaf and dumb when it comes to Harry Potter or Sidney Sheldon, but even when I am deaf and dumb, I can realize if my daughter is curling around my legs wanting me to carry her.

My daughter has the habit of watching rhymes cd while she is eating. I find this comfortable since I can feed her in one place. But nowadays, thanks to IPL, he expects my daughter to finish her dinner either before he comes home or have her dinner without the cd. But u know, like father – like daughter. She is competing with him. She refuses to change to the TV mode even after her dinner is over.

The other day I was discussing something very important to him, while he is channel-surfing, and nodding his head…At one point, he gave a huge exclamation – Ooooooohhhhhh!!. I was like…edhukku ippadi oru reaction and I turn towards the TV….the team has missed a catch. Who am I talking to? The walls?

Last weekend, I needed a break. Since my elder daughter was staying a relative’s house with my in-laws, I decided to ask him out for dinner. I didn’t want to cook since it was only the two of us. We went to the restaurant and he lovingly gives me a seat saying that it will be comfortable for me to feed Swathi, and seated himself opposite to me. It took me only 2 minutes to realize that he was not seated opposite to me, but he was seated opposite to the TV set in the restaurant DAMN this cricket.

U can totally trust my husband to take care of the house and go out while he is watching cricket. Even if a thief enters the house through the front door, robs the entire house and leaves the house after saying “Bye” to him, he will not bother to say a return Bye.

I agree….a guy needs some entertainment after his long and tiring office hours…but shouldn’t there be some limit? Sigh!

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