Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Ponnu Paatha Day!!!

Congratulations sweetheart….it was on this day five years before that we first met…I am so lucky to get you as my wife…..Here’s ur gift…..

Naan kaanbadhu enna kanava…illa nanava…..I pinch myself and OUCH…..kanavu dhan….

My dream is disturbed and I wake up to find my darling still sound asleep. Some choice words come to my thought, but I refrain myself from saying them to him, since this is supposed to be a special day. Having known him for five years, I don’t expect anything and I continue my routine. (For those of you who continue reading thinking that there IS some surprise gift for me…..pls don’t. There is absolutely nothing at all and that is the reason why this blog is written in the first place)

Every year for the past five years, I try to control myself from asking him “You know what day today is?”, but No, I simply can’t. I never learn – do I? The moment I ask this question, only the moment I ask this question, he remembers. (Thank God, he remembers atleast then…) He has a readymade excuse– “I was just checking whether u remember” – as if he remembered. He knows to hell that I will not forget even the teeny meeny things which we spoke before marriage – let alone these dates.

Y are guys like this?? I don’t understand. I simply don’t understand. It beats me how my husband loves to get surprises from me, but it just doesn’t strike him to give me one is something beyond my understanding. And then there is the very fact that I TELL him that I too love suprises every time I give him his gift. Poor me!

There are times when I get most irritated and I feel like not giving him any gift – (leave out surprises), but always in the last minute, I go and buy something for him. Why? Simple. I love him. To hell with this love. I can’t even maintain my resolution. But, even he loves me. Then why? It was all so romantic when the first time he answered “I myself am a big gift for you, then y another gift?”, but every year…same dialogue – man! Give me a break. I NEED A SURPRISE. There! I’ve said it aloud. At least change the dialogue and say something romantic.

How did I – who live for surprises land up with someone like this from the opposite pole? Opposite poles attract – they say, and of course we are attracted to each other…but darling, don’t u think it would be even more attractive if there are some surprises?

PS: Dear….surprise or no surprise…gifts or no gifts…I will always love u…and I am very very glad that this day happened in my life five years ago….Happy ponnu paatha day!

PPS: But I will still never say no to a belated gift either…so plan something fast so that I can post my next blog. Love u always.

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  1. Welcome to reality Gayu!! I had gievn up hope in the second year of my marriage! Arun never bothers remembering, let alone wishing me. Sri atleast remembers when you ask him; Arun would ask me back why I remember such dates!!:)
    It's been a year and a half since he has properly gifted me something!! Phew!