Thursday, May 20, 2010

"I too had a love story" - by Ravinder Singh

Day before yesterday, when I had been to Connexions to buy a gift for my hubby, (I love surprises…remember?) I found this book on the stands. I love reading books, but I have never really bought any book and definitely not from a book store. But something about the title of this book made me buy it. Since I am spending a good 1.5 hour drive everyday in cab to get to my new office, I thought that I could read this book during that time. And so I started it yesterday morning. And I’ve completed reading the book twice in the past two days.

The book is written by a software guy, about his love for a girl whom he found through a matrimonial site, how they get to know each other, fall deeply in love and how fate plays its role in their life. To love and be loved by the same person is the greatest thing in this world. But to experience pain in this love and to live through that pain requires courage and what more – to put forth that love and pain into words and to share it with the entire world requires a different sort of courage. That is exactly what Ravin – the main character and the author of this novel has done.

Reading through the first half of the novel was like re-living my pre-marriage days with my hubby – those innocent calls to get to know each other, which slowly builds into the something called love, to reach a stage when you cannot wait for that one call from ur beloved, to await each and every moment of seeing each other, the first meeting, the first touch, the first kiss and to enjoy each and every one of those minutes, eagerly waiting for the engagement day, the wait becoming more and more desperate as the wedding day approaches – each and every single moment and feeling is exactly described in this book and reading them from a guy’s point of view made me realize that it is not only we girls who have such feelings, but even guys feel them.

I always like happy endings. Only happy endings for that matter. But this book is not so. Being a sentimental idiot that I am, I always cry when watching love stories, but this is first time I have cried when reading a love story. The emotions were too much for me to handle. I wanted to stop reading the book, so that I can stop crying (I cannot cry in my cab, ‘coz that’s where I was reading this book), but I wasn’t able to stop reading it. The book is written in a very simple way, no romantic or stylish language, but what glued me to the book was that the story is real, and to realize that the story is not a fiction or an imaginary tale, but a real one, something which really happened to two people made me all the more emotional.

So, for all book-lovers who are the romantic and sentimental types like me, the book is a nice read.

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  1. This was a nice book! But the novel on love that I have enjoyed the most is - "Love Story" by Erich Segal! No other book has ever moved me like love story did! Suggest you read that once!