Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear friend…

Hope you have read my previous blog. You asked for it and here it is – a tribute to our almost 10 year friendship, and that on your birthday. Coming to your birthday, you must be really grateful to me, because among all my college friends with whom I still have contact, its ONLY YOUR birthday that I remember. It is not just because that you are still my best friend, but it makes me very happy to wish you every year on your birthday, because it feels great that I am still 5 months – exactly 5 months elder than you. Mind you - not older, but elder. There’s a difference. (And that is how I remember your b’day.) I know that you will make fun of me saying that I have grown older than you, but friend remember, old is gold. So, at least from now on, STOP making fun of me and my height. Got it? Good. And STOP laughing too!

Have a blasting birthday bash and remember that bag of assorted chocolates (for me) is still pending from your side.


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