Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mustafa…Mustafa…don’t worry Mustafa…

Along the path of life we meet so many people and each person plays their role in their own way. But there will be only very few phases of life which brings back tears of joy whenever we think back upon them. College days are one of them. In spite of all the hardships faced in my college days, the thoughts still brings a smile on my lips.

You like a person when you meet one, you want to become friends with that person and you really become friends with that person. And then college days turn out to be exactly how you wanted them to be – the way they are portrayed in films. (Minus the songs, that is). Friends seem to be the most wonderful persons in the world and friendship seems to be the best. You want to cherish each and every moment of the college days – the raggings, the seniors, the boring lectures, sleepy notes, practicals, the Sebastian sir, workshops, ED classes, vijay raghavan, phone calls, fights, compromises, study leaves, the group studies, the 30p Xerox, the bus journeys, the semesters, the all the bests, the “how did u dos?”, the inplant trainings, the “karuppan” in BEL, the _ _ _ _ talks, the jollus, the site-s, the crushes, the loves, the symposiums, the paper presentations, the final year, the match makings, the college tour, the night shows in the tour, Thulluvadho Ilamai, Kaadhal konden, Jeyam, tambaram railway station, the train journeys, the projects, vivas, HOD, SB, and then the misunderstandings, the farewell party, the tears, slam books, the “keep in touch”s, the campus recruitments, job placements, and much more.

“kalvi payilum kaalam varayil…thulli thiriyum engal vizhiyil..
Kaneerai kandadhillai…thendral Saatchi…..
Nanban pirindhu oor thirumbum naalil mattum dhan neer thalumbum
Kaneeril dhane engal farewell party…”

At the end of these days, we have now achieved what we wanted, good placements, five digit salaries, sophisticated life styles, but how much of the enjoyment which we had in those days still persists. After all the “keep in touch”s exchanged during those days, how many of our friends are we really in touch with? Especially we girls?

Though I have contact only with few of my friends, yes, very few of them, I am glad, in fact very glad that I am still in touch at least with some of them, and one of them is still my best. After certain events in our final year, it is a great thing that we even talk to each other, let alone being still the best friends. After all, we are friends and what is friendship without fights?

Hey friends, coming this October, it would be 10 years since we entered our college life, and this blog is dedicated to all my college friends. Thanks to all my friends and batch mates who made my college days eventful, even though it was not-so-eventful then ;) And special thanks to my special friend, who wanted me to write this blog, and thereby helping me to recollect those memories and again living them.

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