Monday, May 17, 2010

Vacationing out there…

I’m here yearning to go to my parent’s place for a vacation, but I can’t due to my new job. But my daughters are out there having the time of their life. Around 10 days back, we went for a small family 1 week trip to shirdi – the small family being 4 couples (me, my mom, my 2 sisters and their respective spouses) and their kids. So, it was around 10 adults and 3 kids.
Since we were out for a week, my in-laws decided to paint our house after getting the assurance from the contractors that the entire work would be completed in a week. But as it turned out, the painting work is yet to get over. (We returned last Thursday.) So, I sent my daughters with my parents directly from the Central station. I knew that Smruthi will be more than happy to be away from her wretched mom, but I was not sure of Swathi. She is only one year and she has not yet stayed away from me for even a single night. But I had no other go. I cannot bring her with me to my in-laws place which was full of the paint smell and I could not go to my parent’s place because of my new job. So, here I am in my in-laws place and there they are in their patti’s place.

With no kids around to shout and scream at, I feel like I am having all the time in the world to do whatever I want. But the problem is, whatever I wanted to do was revolving around my kids and with them not here, the house is feeling vacant and I am about to go mad. No, not in the way u think. What I meant was that I cannot digest the fact that my daughters are enjoying there without me. Its been 5 days since I last saw them and I will not be seeing them for atleast another 5 days. So, I keep calling my mom everyday to check whether they are doing good, hoping that she will say that my daughters are being miserable without me, that they cry wanting to see me, that they miss me terribly, but no…all she says is that they are wonderfully nice children giving her NO TROUBLE AT ALL. Seems like they have totally forgot me. Even Swathi. Though Smruthi talks to me over the phone twice daily, and assures me of her sister’s well being, it still hurts not to be with them. And what hurts more is the fact that they don’t miss me.

How many ever times I shout and scream at you girls, just understand that behind all those terrible screams lie an unshakable love for you which can never be explained enough in words.

Miss you terribly girls. Be back soon! (And pls pls miss me too!)

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