Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last year this day..05.05.2009

You were born dear. Yes Swathi…I am talking about you only dear. U r already 1 year old. Sorry…you are still young…so u have become 1 year young today. You never gave me much trouble during both my pregnancy and at the time of delivery and you are sort of making up for the lost time now. If I had thought that your sister was a mischief maker, then you were born to prove me wrong. She is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to you. Let me come to that later. First things first.

You were pretty fast to grow up, you did all the right things at the right stage, for instance, u rolled over when you were 4 months, started to walk when u were eight months (etta maasam ettu adi), and now you are already one year. One day you started to roll over, and before I could stop admiring you for this, you started to crawl, and before I could get enough of that, you started to walk in no time. What is the hurry to grow up my child?

I wish I could just freeze all those moments in my life, when you first rolled over, your first “abbbaaaa” kiss, your first walk. I want you to be in that stage forever, but then I want to know what you are going to do next.

You always give me your gummy teeth smile on seeing me return from the office and being a working mom is worth just that...i tell you. It makes me so glad to realize that you miss me when I’m in office. For you swathi, your best friend and your worst enemy is your sister. This is applicable from the other side also. Currently I am using only your sister as a bait to feed your meals to you. You never open your mouth to me, but instantly do it when your sister says “Swaaathhiiiiiii….aaaa kaatu….akka solren-la…..vaaya tharamaaaaaaaa”. Dunno how long this will last though.

Unlike most of the kids I know, you are not the one who is supposed to be fed pappu saadam and thachhii mammam. Your taste buds are very sharp and u always want variety. And like your mom, even you don’t like the foods which are good for health. But no dear, this is not a praise and you will have to improve on that front. On this one occasion, when we went to dinner in a restaurant, you refused to eat the thayir saadam which I had ordered for you until or unless I gave you the paneer butter masala side dish. All this even before you are one??? Unakku naakku rumba neelam di.

You are a sport. You thoroughly enjoy going out and you never make a fuss much. Even during your ayush homam, which happened about 10 days back, you thoroughly enjoyed everything, though you were a bit reluctant to go amongst strangers.
And you were the perfect little hostess for the party which happened in the same evening. You really enjoyed the cake which we had ordered and was happily licking everyone’s fingers who were trying to give you the cake. Everyone present were oohing and aahing over what a co-operative child you were and I was all smiles that day. Thanks for making my day.

Coming back to the mischief part, all the scars and swells which you have on your forehead is the proof of what I said earlier. For the one to be taking care of you, we need to have eyes all around our heads. The moment we take our eyes off you….BAM! you are off doing some mischief…be it throwing the onions into the water can, or taking the slippers by opening the shoe cupboard and chewing them or putting some tiny object in your mouth which cannot be obviously seen by anyone else but you. There was this one time when you really scared the wits out of me by putting the lid of the nycil powder into your mouth and started choking. By the time I had taken it out of your mouth, you had bitten my hand to pulp. How that lid went into your supposed-to-be-tiny mouth is still beyond my understanding. I mean there are only so many things that can be kept out of your reach. We cannot carry everything on our heads dear.

Having said all the above, I am still waiting for what you will be doing next. I can never have enough of your smiles, cries, and of course veshamams dear….. Keep mischieving…What’s life without it?

Happy 1st Birthday Darling….A vey Happy birthday to you….

With loads of love and kisses,
Ur mom.


  1. Wow excellent write up and ur daughters r really blessed to have u as their amma ...

    Happy Birthday swaathi kanna ..

  2. Nice blog! Cute kid. I am indian mum staying in Dubai. Do visit me if u get a chance. Its nice to meet new blogger mums.