Monday, February 15, 2010

Gift(s) of the pain(s)

Date: 26 Feb 2007
Time: 12:30 AM
Place: My Moms house

I had a sudden shot of pain around my lower waist. May be its the usual one..I thought and went back to sleep. Again....I checked the time..12:45 AM. My doubts started. I waited. It came again at 1:00 AM. I woke him up.

"I think it has started"
Got up straight away and sat upright..."R u sure??" (I love u dear for this reaction)
"I think".
"Then wake up your mom"
"Let's wait for some more time"

When the pains came regularly...for every 15 mins, I woke up my mom at 2:30AM
My mom asked "Ennadi pasikudha?" (R u hungry?). "Illama valikudhu".

Same reaction from my mom also...

We reached the hospital at 4:30 AM. The doctor came and checked and told me "Not yet...Go back to your home". I was like "WHat??? R u kiddding? Enakku valikudhu.."

I was told that it was usual and I can wait and see the chief when she comes for rounds in the morning. I didnt like her.I refused to go home since I was so sure (as if the doctor didnt know). I told my mom that she didnt know anything and let the chief come and check me. So I got admitted. The chief came at 7:30 AM and checked. I was so sure that she will say something positive. By this time, my pain had increased manifold, but the frequency was the same. When she gave the same answer, I didnt like the chief doctor also. “Ivaluukum onnum theriyala”

So after much persuasion from my mom, I agreed to go home. My hubby took leave and stayed with me the whole day.

The entire day went with me suffering from increasing pain and my mother was going on giving me kashaayam.

In the thought of relaxing husband told me to call some experts in the called his perima to ask her opinion. She said."Don't worry ma..this is the same pain.. u will deliver in 2-3 days). I was like "Ennadhu...rendu moonu naalaaaaaa???"

My mother along with my husband strictly refused to let me sit and made me keep walking all the day in all the pain...I shouted at anybody and everybody around me for not helping me from the pain...

The pain had increased to i dont know many times...that even my husband seemed to realise it from the intensity of my expression. ( I used to clutch his hand and squeeze it every time my pains came). Finally when HE could not bear HIS pain, he told my mom that they will take me to the hospital. So, finally the next day around 12:00 noon, we went to the hospital again. When the chief doctor called me inside, I was determined to shout at her if she does not help me this time. But ...she told me that the pains have started to come for me...(Started???? After 2 days?? then what about the ending??)

Finally I was moved to the labour ward at 2:30 PM. My only source of comfort for me during the pains being my husband's hands to keep crushing for every pain.

He stayed with me during my entire period and comforting me for each pain.
He had to since he was the cause for all my suffering. I swore not to let him near me ever again....

Oh God..please help me please.....

Finally after much struggling and crying and shouting and paining...the gift of all my sufferings came out at 8:45 PM on 27 Feb 2007.

The first words I heard after that was my husband shouting "Smruthi di Smruthi"(We had decided the name earlier”)

The nurse wrapped the baby immediately and gave the bundle of joy to my husband. Before my delivery, this guy was absolutely refusing to carry the baby till 3 or 4 months, but when the nurse gave the baby to him, he was so overjoyed that he forgot all his resolutions and took the baby in his arms and showed her to me.

“Welcome darling, you sure made your arrival a big event”

This little devil proved that she was to be a devil only from the moment she started coming into this world.

I asked my hubby “R u disappointed, since she is not a HE”. He just smiled and said “Better luck next time” and left me shocked in my already shocked state.

I was like “U just think dear…if ever u come near me again…..!!!!!!)

But as fate (or rather luck) would have it, the same phenomenon repeated again last year 05 May 2009. This time he shouted “Swathi di!! Swathi”.

Now I’m the proud wife of such a wonderful husband who supported me through two painful deliveries and a happy mom of two little devils who keep breaking my head every day.

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