Monday, February 15, 2010

Swathi as of date

She is 9 months old
She shows her two bunny teeth and comes running (crawling actually) to me the moment I return from office
She can stand with support
She can climb steps pretty fast
She screams when we say “Kathu” or when her sister screams
She knows to scrawl very fast when we say “Pudi…Swathi-a Pudi”
She is very fond of her walker and goes to every nook and corner in the house
She likes only the toys which her sister is playing with
She dances while sitting if her sister starts singing rhymes
She knows her father’s arrival by the car sound
She gets angry (innum molaikave illa…adhukulla kovam…)when we take something away from her
She mostly sleeps throughout the night
She nods her head when she does not want anything or when she does not want to eat anymore
She repeats something when we say her NOT to do it.
She repeats something even if we say her to do it. (So, obviously, she does everything of her own will rather than our will)
She knows to recognize fan, wall clock and the lights near the stair case, when we ask her
She likes to chew paper (screams like hell if we take it from her)
She’s got eagle-eyes…..She can identify even the tiniest bit of dirt on the floor and puts it in her mouth
She likes to taste new food items

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