Thursday, February 18, 2010

Second child - Yes or No

It was our 3rd anniversary and we went to Yercaud. It was in Yercaud that I discovered that I was conceived again. My mind went through a turmoil since my first kid was only 1 yr and 8 months. I was not so sure whether I needed another child at this stage. I was not confident of our financial position to provide quality lifestyle and education to two kids. I did not want a second one and I didn’t want to abort either. I knew that I can never live with the guilt of destroying something which God wanted to give me. The choice was left to me since my hubby was OK with any of my decision – whatever it may be. He felt that I am the one who was going to carry the baby and so I must first feel cofident and comfortable enough to handle another kid, especially when the first one has not yet reached a stage where she can understand things.

I put the entire trust on God, since He was the one who gave me this gift and felt that if He had thought that I would not be able to handle it, HE would not have given this gift to me. And hence I carried on with my pregnancy. Moreover we took it as our anniversary gift.

There were many times during this period when I wondered whether I would be able to cope up with two kids. I had to give attention to the second child and at the same time, the first one should not feel insecure. But now I am glad of my decision and thank god for giving me this unexpected gift.

Few of the reasons why I was glad to have a second child:

- First and foremost, there would always be a first hand company for the first child to play, fight, to share (or gossip in the teenage days)
- It teaches the kids the gift of sharing and compromising (or so I thought…)
- You can always try out the cute old dresses of your first kid on the second one and enjoy.
- To feel those little butterfly kicks in ur tummy again and asking ur hubby also to touch and feel them
- There is a second chance to correct the mistakes we made in our first pregnancy since we are more experienced now (like buying better baby products, dresses, etc…etc…)
- The precious moments of the baby’s growth…to see the kid turning over again…the first smile…the first walk…the first talk…again for the second time….

And above all….to see the kids cuddling together and playing…..and to realize that they are there for each other inspite of all the fightings…..makes it worth every bit to have a second child…….

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