Monday, February 15, 2010

Indian Mothers

Rahul was studying in abroad. One day his mother gave him a surprise visit to his apartment. When they were exchanging pleasantries, a girl comes out from Rahul’s bedroom. Rahul introduces her as a friend Neha and they are living in the same apartment as friends. When his mother throws a suspicious look at him, he tells her “Only friends mom!”. So his mother stays with Rahul for 1 month in his apartment and watches Rahul and Neha, and still doubts their relationship, but does not say a word about it.s

After 1 month, she returns to India. Meanwhile, Neha goes to Rahul and complains that her silver cup has been missing ever since his mother went back. So, Rahul writes a letter to his mom diplomatically.

Dear mom,

Hope u r well. I am not saying that u took the silver sup. I am not saying that u did not take the silver cup. But the fact remains that the silver cup has been missing only since u returned to India. I promise that this will not spoil our relationship and request you to return it back, if u have taken it.


To this, his mom replies:

Dear Rahul,

I am well and hope the same from you too. I am not saying that u sleep with Neha. I am not saying that u do not sleep with Neha, but the fact remains that if Neha had been sleeping in her own bed in her own room, she would have found the silver cup by now lying under her pillow.


Moral: Don’t try to fool Indian mothers.

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