Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy birthday to you.....

Its been 3 yrs since you were born….Sometimes…it looks like THREEEEEEEE years and sometimes I feel like ….only 3 years…..I can never forget your father shouting “Smruthi! di Smruthi!!” in my labor ward and already you have grown up to be 3 yrs.

Coming to this year….never before your 2nd b’day have I called you a devil, because you were such an angel till last year. But this year….phew!!!!!! Maybe becoming a big sis has made you feel insecure, but still, you are trying your level best to get on my nerves. I have learnt that there is much more to patience than I could possibly assume.

I still remember how well you accepted the fact that there is going to be someone else in the family who is going to share almost everything you have...ur toys…ur books…and above all ur mom and dad. Though there were many times when u said that u did not like your little sis…..asked her to go back into my tummy….u always came running to her aid when we pretended to scold her and beat her….amma…adikaadha ma…ava paavam…. And also…how much ever you beat her and fought with her….you never ever agreed to give her away to strangers. This only shows that apart from ur jealousy, you also have a protective side in you. You hug her and kiss her when she comes running to you when you come back from school…You can never realize how happy this makes me on seeing you two together. It makes me feel better that I did not take a wrong decision to have a second child so soon.

You never fussed about the fact that you have to stay away from me for days together when I was in my mother’s home after my delivery taking care of your little sis. You would come when ur father brought you to me and you would simply say bye and leave when ur father said “Time to go!” I am proud of you for that.

Coming to your academic side…you were the youngest in your batch and most favourite student of your maam in your playschool. When we got admission for your Prekg in another school and informed your maam about this…..she said…”Who? Smruthi? You can directly put her in 1st grade..She’s THAT smart” What more could I ask from you?

You are TALKATIVE….you talk…talk…talk and keep on talking about anything and everything you see and observe. The only moments you remain silent is when you sleep. You are so straight-forward in pointing someone and telling “Avaa dress nallave illa ma….” and leave us embarrassed in front of the other person. You still have not given up the habit of sleeping without stuffing any cloth in your mouth, though we have tried many times to divert you from this habit. Hope you leave it this year atleast.

This year you became more social, you easily said “Hi” to strangers and asked for their name…..learnt to order for “Tomato soup and tissue paper” of your own when we go to restaurants and you were damn brave in going for jolly rides in theme parks. During one visit to VGP, you were happy to leave me and go for all the kids rides, but absolutely refused to let me go in adults rides until or unless I take you with me. How selfless!!!

And the list is never-ending! But I just want you to know that you have bought so much happiness in our lives and you can be assured that it has not and will not reduce even a bit just because you have become a big sis. The responsibilities you take up as a big sis only makes us to love you much more….and more…and more……

Happy 3rd birthday darling!!!

PS: Can you pls like try not to break my head from this year atleast?

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