Thursday, January 30, 2014

Abhiyum Naanum!

I watched this movie twice in a span of three days last week, the first time, enjoying all by myself, with no kids or hubby to fight for the remote (long live schools and office) and the second time as a family. Wow! What a movie! Very few movies – very few – give you this feel-good feeling when they end. No heavy sentiments, no tragedy, no fight, just love and laughter. The bonding portrayed between the dad and his girl is simply contagious. You yearn to be that dad/daughter and start expecting the same from the counterpart as in the movie :)

When the same movie was telecast just the day after, the mom, dad and the two girls sat glued in front of the TV right from the start. And Smruthi was glued to each and every scene in the movie. When the little one was feeling bored, and irritated due to sleep, Smruthi refused to move without seeing Abhi getting married. And worse, her interrogatory skills came back in full form as she watched the movie.

- Why did she bring the beggar home? (This for the Ravi Shastri scene)
- Why has she not invited anybody else for the cake-cutting of her dad? (The lake scene)
- Why did he collapse when he heard Abhi say ‘Love you Jogi’ on the phone?
- Is loving bad?

By now, I start feeling like switching off the TV and hitting the bed, just for her sake, when she suddenly asks: ‘Maa, he said that Jogi has no parents, and only a paati, now how come there are so many relatives ma?’

Apart from being interrupted on watching a nice movie, such questions at 9:30 in the night, was starting to get on my nerves. Before being questioned further, I leave the TV and the question-bank to the dad, and retire to bed with my little one. After 10 minutes or so, I hear a loud screaming, only to see Smruthi crying, because her dad had switched off the TV just before Abhi’s marriage, So, I compel to the poor guy to let her watch the movie, just this one time, and to give her company like the nice dad in the movie. So, that was that! Smruthi slept peacefully that night after watching her first ever night-show, fully understanding a story, and loving it too :) A story like this, and who cannot?

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