Friday, January 3, 2014

Why me?

When conversing in a group, just when you think of the best line or the funniest joke to say, just when you are about to utter it, someone else in the group utters it a fraction of second before you, and the entire group acknowledges it! You feebly mutter, ‘that’ was what I was about to say, and end up feeling silly or looking stupid. Has it ever happened to you? Well, it has happened to me many times, and my previous post is just another example.

I scan and surf and search the internet for hours to find the perfect image for my blog post, succeed and post it in my blog, publish it and login to fb, when the same picture, the very same one, is staring out at me from someone else’s timeline. Wonderful! By this time, there would have been so many shares for that pic, and now, whoever read my blog would think I copied it from FB. (Not that, it is my original creation, anyways, but still!) and I get that familiar ‘feeling stupid’ feeling. Sigh! Why is that Murphy always keeps coming behind me?


  1. Yes, happened to me. I guess this will happen to everyone :-) enna koduma saravana !!

  2. Thank god, I'm not alone ;-) Thanks for reading :)