Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Resolutions - To-do or not-to-do

New Year Resolutions? Me? No! Definitely not! I have never resolved to do anything for any year, and this year continues to be the same! As far as I’m concerned, if I have been lazy enough not to do something for the past 365 days, I’m probably going to be the same for the next 365 days as well. So, why add to the guilt factor, by taking some resolutions, which I anyway know that I am not going to follow?

For example, if I had wanted to clean that clutter in my PC desktop, I should have done that when I changed my desktop background to my kids’ photos, and not waited until the new year. Had I cleaned my desktop, everytime the desktop background was changed, it would have looked cleaner than my house. (Not that my house looks clean all the time, but still, I needed something for the comparison!)

Had I taken a resolution to reduce my addiction to Dragon Balm, I should have taken it every single day. Or at least minimized the usage, when there was no head-ache as such. But I was only doing a social service – yes, whenever I use it, no one in the vicinity would get head-ache for ages. Moreover, why bring the company to a loss, to which I have been a major contributor so far?

Oh, but yes, there was this one resolution where I had decided that I would stop screaming at my kids for no reason, whatsoever! And implementing this has been the easiest. I follow it atleast a dozen times every day. Obviously, I have to stop screaming at some point, when my throat becomes sore, right! How much ever we scream and fight, none of us can sleep without the end-of-day hugs in bed. They know that their mom loves them, come what may, and to them I’m always the best, and to me they are the best!

So, what is the point of trying to be better at something, when I am already the best? ;-) 
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This is the second post written for the January Blogathon!

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