Wednesday, January 8, 2014

If you know what I mean…

  • When the kids sleep like logs on weekdays, and it takes you more than 10 minutes to move them out of the bed, to get them ready for school!
  • When you want to sleep long on weekends, the same kids are up and awake at 6, and as if that’s not enough, demand you to give them milk. NOW!
  • When you try cooking a new dish, surprisingly, it comes out tasty, and no one in the house even notices it. Let alone, compliment it!
  • Having to go to office, when all the schools are declared ‘holiday due to rains’, and your kids are tempting you to bunk office for the day!
  • When you rush to catch the office lift in the evening, and the lift leaves, just when you are about to catch it!
  • When you desperately expect a surprise gift for your b’day/anniversary, hubby (surprisingly) gets you a new dress, and the size is XXL (for a medium person L)
  • Assuming your writing to be in the likes of all the well-known authors and wondering why your blog is not a hit yet!
  • Posting, what you think is a wonderful blog, and getting no comments J


  1. alter the dress and use it.b"cause ur hubby would have got it with lot of love.

  2. Thts exactly what I've done...obviously the love is more special than the dress :)

  3. Now I see your last point is NOT a valid one :-J

  4. Nice one dear..