Thursday, January 9, 2014

Me & Myself!

Giving a break to kids and romances, here, I decide to write blog solely for me and about me. So, this post is about me, me and me!!

I love reading.....anything which interests me, ranging from puzzles in 'siruvar malar', to novels, blogs, home-making. I am still crazy about Harry potter and Lord of the Rings. When nothing else is available, I pick a copy of HP and start reading randomly.
I like to do expensive shopping for self, but look at the price tag, and come back without buying it. I don't own any dresses, for which rates have been a four-digit number. Except my marriage sarees.
I don't mind buying dresses for my daughters, which easily touch the range of 2k - 3k. I don't mind spending for my kids, and most often, I end up buying more than I should have actually done. (Oops, kids agan!)
My imagination wanders to the negative extremes, when a loved one is late by more than an hour, without information.
I think I have been a good girl, good daughter, a best friend, an awesome wife, and an above-average mother.
I always feel guilty after shouting at my kids, but that has not stopped me from shouting at them again and again.
I like to cry on seeing emotional scenes in movies.
I hate back-biting.
I don't like calling up help-desks and enquire for something. I always want to leave such tasks to hubby.
I like to be a home-maker some day, and maintain my home the way I want it to be.
I am very poor in maintaining contacts, with people, whom I don't meet on a day-to-day basis.
I am very good at finding excuses.
I like to give away free-advises, but only when I am asked for!
I can be easily irritated.
Most of the times, I tend to have a guilty feeling about something or the other.
I am conscious of God, and tend to think twice, before doing something wrong, (like lying, shouting at some idiot, who tries to bang on my car, coming in the wrong route, missing rituals and customs) Not that I’m saint-incarnated, but same case as point 6 above.
I love to follow traditions and customs. I ‘love' to follow....and not that I am following all of them...
I love to put kolams, rangoli and mehendi.
I always have starting problem, be it getting up in the morning, cleaning the house, conversing with a stranger, posting a blog, whatever!
I am giving freedom to this post today, after almost two years of confinement in the drafts section.

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  1. I thought I am reading my mind :-) I can relate myself with many points :-D