Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kitchen Delights

Yesterday was another one of our experiment sessions in the kitchen. Its been quite some time since I've tried a new dish in the kitchen, but never with a paneer variety. The elder one is a born favorite of paneer, and we were happy with ordering paneer dishes on our every visit to the restaurant, until one day, our dear neighbor tried a paneer gravy and shared it with us, and my daughter not contented with tasting the yummy dish, started screaming 'I WANT PANEER, I WANT PANEER...." every time I made rotis! Finally, when I ran out of excuses and we could no longer postpone it, we decided to try the same yesterday, having taken expert advice from the neighbor.

The daughter was seated in the kitchen table, and the neighbor coming in to help us, we tried and did everything as per the recipe, and finally the dish was ready. The dish looked mouth-watering, (yes, indeed!) and my girl couldn't wait until I made the roti, so she went ahead and tried the dish without the roti. I definitely didn't want to use her as the guinea pig, but it so happened, because I couldn't deny her what she had waited for so long and once she tasted, her mouth was literally running in search of water, a bit too spicy for my girl, but ok for the rest of us.The taste would have been the same as the original source, except that the paneer tasted as though it had long since expired, even though the package claimed that it was good to be used until the next week.

So, all in all, Smruthi went back to her roti-jam combination for dinner, and the rest of us had the roti-paneer gravy, except that all the paneer pieces lay discarded! So much for trying a new dish. "Try to make it better the next time" - was Smruthi's comment during bed-time. Atleast, she hadn't given up on her mom's culinary skills. Yet!

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