Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Foolproof ways to overcome writer's block

Well, all bloggers at some point or the other face this! You haven’t faced this yet? Wow, you can skip this post, continue to read my other blog posts and come back when you face this. You are suffering from this currently? Join the club and read on! In a social cause to help all those affected by this block-o-mania, here are some ideas derived from a deep research and analysis from me. Some foolproof ways to overcome your writer’s block and start writing again.
  • Start nagging your friends to suggest you an idea for a blogging topic, consolidate them and post a blog on the list of topics you intend to write soon, prompting your readers to come back for more!
  • Call a friend who does not have a blog, brag to them on how blogging is the easiest thing to do in the world, urge them to create a blog of their own, and once they suffer from writer’s block – come and post about it in your blog. (They don’t have writer’s block yet? Good, you can post about how you were the sole reason for this person’s blog creation, and how your advice to them was instrumental!)
  • Dig deep into your system, collect all the old photos, anything would do…and post a collage on the photos, with a single caption. There, another picture post is ready! Too lazy to form a collage? Randomly pick a photo and post it with the caption ‘My best/worst/favorite/boring/whatever photo’. No photos in the system? No problem. Search for your favorite desktop background, and post a screenshot of the same.
  • Write a post on how you are suffering from writer’s block, and if not for this, how you would have been posting about n blogs per day, regularly!
  • Create your own list of (brilliant) ideas to overcome writer’s block and form a post – like I just did J

 (We cannot altogether blame this syndrome. It can be a boon sometimes, you know? What other reason can I give for my laziness of not actually posting a blog, even when its complete and almost ready in my Drafts.)


  1. hehe.. I will do this soon I think :)

  2. Can totally relate .. Was hit by this a numerous times last year .. And one thing that I tried more often than not was to convince my friends to do a guest blog :P :P .. And later rejecting it basis poor content :P

  3. heheheheheh.....

  4. I can relate point 1 & 2 dear.. and the conversation we had before ..lol(wink)