Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy birthday to you.....

Its been 3 yrs since you were born….Sometimes…it looks like THREEEEEEEE years and sometimes I feel like ….only 3 years…..I can never forget your father shouting “Smruthi! di Smruthi!!” in my labor ward and already you have grown up to be 3 yrs.

Coming to this year….never before your 2nd b’day have I called you a devil, because you were such an angel till last year. But this year….phew!!!!!! Maybe becoming a big sis has made you feel insecure, but still, you are trying your level best to get on my nerves. I have learnt that there is much more to patience than I could possibly assume.

I still remember how well you accepted the fact that there is going to be someone else in the family who is going to share almost everything you have...ur toys…ur books…and above all ur mom and dad. Though there were many times when u said that u did not like your little sis…..asked her to go back into my tummy….u always came running to her aid when we pretended to scold her and beat her….amma…adikaadha ma…ava paavam…. And also…how much ever you beat her and fought with her….you never ever agreed to give her away to strangers. This only shows that apart from ur jealousy, you also have a protective side in you. You hug her and kiss her when she comes running to you when you come back from school…You can never realize how happy this makes me on seeing you two together. It makes me feel better that I did not take a wrong decision to have a second child so soon.

You never fussed about the fact that you have to stay away from me for days together when I was in my mother’s home after my delivery taking care of your little sis. You would come when ur father brought you to me and you would simply say bye and leave when ur father said “Time to go!” I am proud of you for that.

Coming to your academic side…you were the youngest in your batch and most favourite student of your maam in your playschool. When we got admission for your Prekg in another school and informed your maam about this…..she said…”Who? Smruthi? You can directly put her in 1st grade..She’s THAT smart” What more could I ask from you?

You are TALKATIVE….you talk…talk…talk and keep on talking about anything and everything you see and observe. The only moments you remain silent is when you sleep. You are so straight-forward in pointing someone and telling “Avaa dress nallave illa ma….” and leave us embarrassed in front of the other person. You still have not given up the habit of sleeping without stuffing any cloth in your mouth, though we have tried many times to divert you from this habit. Hope you leave it this year atleast.

This year you became more social, you easily said “Hi” to strangers and asked for their name…..learnt to order for “Tomato soup and tissue paper” of your own when we go to restaurants and you were damn brave in going for jolly rides in theme parks. During one visit to VGP, you were happy to leave me and go for all the kids rides, but absolutely refused to let me go in adults rides until or unless I take you with me. How selfless!!!

And the list is never-ending! But I just want you to know that you have bought so much happiness in our lives and you can be assured that it has not and will not reduce even a bit just because you have become a big sis. The responsibilities you take up as a big sis only makes us to love you much more….and more…and more……

Happy 3rd birthday darling!!!

PS: Can you pls like try not to break my head from this year atleast?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Second child - Yes or No

It was our 3rd anniversary and we went to Yercaud. It was in Yercaud that I discovered that I was conceived again. My mind went through a turmoil since my first kid was only 1 yr and 8 months. I was not so sure whether I needed another child at this stage. I was not confident of our financial position to provide quality lifestyle and education to two kids. I did not want a second one and I didn’t want to abort either. I knew that I can never live with the guilt of destroying something which God wanted to give me. The choice was left to me since my hubby was OK with any of my decision – whatever it may be. He felt that I am the one who was going to carry the baby and so I must first feel cofident and comfortable enough to handle another kid, especially when the first one has not yet reached a stage where she can understand things.

I put the entire trust on God, since He was the one who gave me this gift and felt that if He had thought that I would not be able to handle it, HE would not have given this gift to me. And hence I carried on with my pregnancy. Moreover we took it as our anniversary gift.

There were many times during this period when I wondered whether I would be able to cope up with two kids. I had to give attention to the second child and at the same time, the first one should not feel insecure. But now I am glad of my decision and thank god for giving me this unexpected gift.

Few of the reasons why I was glad to have a second child:

- First and foremost, there would always be a first hand company for the first child to play, fight, to share (or gossip in the teenage days)
- It teaches the kids the gift of sharing and compromising (or so I thought…)
- You can always try out the cute old dresses of your first kid on the second one and enjoy.
- To feel those little butterfly kicks in ur tummy again and asking ur hubby also to touch and feel them
- There is a second chance to correct the mistakes we made in our first pregnancy since we are more experienced now (like buying better baby products, dresses, etc…etc…)
- The precious moments of the baby’s growth…to see the kid turning over again…the first smile…the first walk…the first talk…again for the second time….

And above all….to see the kids cuddling together and playing…..and to realize that they are there for each other inspite of all the fightings…..makes it worth every bit to have a second child…….

Marriage changes ur life so much

If marriges are made in heaven, where the spinster days made?

Where are all those glorious care-free days, when I came back from office, threw my hand-bag on the bed, took the remote and laid down on the sofa, channel-surfing, when my mom gave me coffee…had dinner sitting in the sofa, without even cleaning my plate and slept past 12:00 after watching movies?

Gone are the weekends when we met in a friends house for vetti chat and after getting bored of the chat, decide to go for a movie and watch any dubakur movie in Udhayam theatre (only there u will get tickets in current booking) (Now, am not even in touch with most of my friends)

Gone are the days when I have to answer only to my mom who asks “En di late-u?”….”adhuva maa….late aayiduchu” and go to my room (Not possible now being in a joint family and having two kids waiting for me)

Gone are the days when all I have to do is to ask my mom to prepare my fav dish. Now only I have to prepare myself if I want to eat anything, which I mostly DON’T do……

Gone are the days when me and my friends could easily pass comments (within earshot ) on any couple who walks in the beach holding hand in hand….(Now Im the one on whom the comment is passed)

Gone are the new year eves when I was awake till 12’o clock, watching all the TV programs and calling everyone in the new year…. (Now I utilize all the time to sleep when my daughters are sleeping)

Its very weird calling the home where I lived for 23 years as “my parent’s home” and the house which I know for only 4.5 yrs as MY home.

Why…Why…why did I get married?

I dunno if all the happy married ladies get the same thought, but I get this almost everyday when my husband changes the channel when I am watching something interesting.

I’m not complaining about my hubby, or kids , but I feel that it would be better if I get a break from my responsibilities once in a while. get so immersed in our responsibilities that we dont even take time to talk to my friends or do the things which I would like to do.

4 yrs ago, if any one of my friends had failed to attend my marriage, I would have shouted at them like anything and put a hell lot of scene to them..., no matter how valid their reason may be....

"Neeyellam oru friend-a di...thoooooooo"

but now, I am not able to attend my friends wedding, because of my family ties , because my kid was not well, because my hubby had to attend to his friend's marriage that same evening....etc...etc...etc...

I need time for myself, to meet my friends, to be my old self again, once in a while.

I miss my parents’s terribly (even after 4.5 yrs of marriage) and I never miss a chance to go there whenever I get a long weekend.

I plan to give my daughters all their wish ( or rather all I miss now) while they are staying in “their parent’s home” itself.

But all these thoughts doesn’t stop me from missing my husband if I’m staying in my parents’ home even for a single day.

And when I come back to MY home after visiting my parents, I feel like “Home…Sweet home”

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gift(s) of the pain(s)

Date: 26 Feb 2007
Time: 12:30 AM
Place: My Moms house

I had a sudden shot of pain around my lower waist. May be its the usual one..I thought and went back to sleep. Again....I checked the time..12:45 AM. My doubts started. I waited. It came again at 1:00 AM. I woke him up.

"I think it has started"
Got up straight away and sat upright..."R u sure??" (I love u dear for this reaction)
"I think".
"Then wake up your mom"
"Let's wait for some more time"

When the pains came regularly...for every 15 mins, I woke up my mom at 2:30AM
My mom asked "Ennadi pasikudha?" (R u hungry?). "Illama valikudhu".

Same reaction from my mom also...

We reached the hospital at 4:30 AM. The doctor came and checked and told me "Not yet...Go back to your home". I was like "WHat??? R u kiddding? Enakku valikudhu.."

I was told that it was usual and I can wait and see the chief when she comes for rounds in the morning. I didnt like her.I refused to go home since I was so sure (as if the doctor didnt know). I told my mom that she didnt know anything and let the chief come and check me. So I got admitted. The chief came at 7:30 AM and checked. I was so sure that she will say something positive. By this time, my pain had increased manifold, but the frequency was the same. When she gave the same answer, I didnt like the chief doctor also. “Ivaluukum onnum theriyala”

So after much persuasion from my mom, I agreed to go home. My hubby took leave and stayed with me the whole day.

The entire day went with me suffering from increasing pain and my mother was going on giving me kashaayam.

In the thought of relaxing husband told me to call some experts in the called his perima to ask her opinion. She said."Don't worry ma..this is the same pain.. u will deliver in 2-3 days). I was like "Ennadhu...rendu moonu naalaaaaaa???"

My mother along with my husband strictly refused to let me sit and made me keep walking all the day in all the pain...I shouted at anybody and everybody around me for not helping me from the pain...

The pain had increased to i dont know many times...that even my husband seemed to realise it from the intensity of my expression. ( I used to clutch his hand and squeeze it every time my pains came). Finally when HE could not bear HIS pain, he told my mom that they will take me to the hospital. So, finally the next day around 12:00 noon, we went to the hospital again. When the chief doctor called me inside, I was determined to shout at her if she does not help me this time. But ...she told me that the pains have started to come for me...(Started???? After 2 days?? then what about the ending??)

Finally I was moved to the labour ward at 2:30 PM. My only source of comfort for me during the pains being my husband's hands to keep crushing for every pain.

He stayed with me during my entire period and comforting me for each pain.
He had to since he was the cause for all my suffering. I swore not to let him near me ever again....

Oh God..please help me please.....

Finally after much struggling and crying and shouting and paining...the gift of all my sufferings came out at 8:45 PM on 27 Feb 2007.

The first words I heard after that was my husband shouting "Smruthi di Smruthi"(We had decided the name earlier”)

The nurse wrapped the baby immediately and gave the bundle of joy to my husband. Before my delivery, this guy was absolutely refusing to carry the baby till 3 or 4 months, but when the nurse gave the baby to him, he was so overjoyed that he forgot all his resolutions and took the baby in his arms and showed her to me.

“Welcome darling, you sure made your arrival a big event”

This little devil proved that she was to be a devil only from the moment she started coming into this world.

I asked my hubby “R u disappointed, since she is not a HE”. He just smiled and said “Better luck next time” and left me shocked in my already shocked state.

I was like “U just think dear…if ever u come near me again…..!!!!!!)

But as fate (or rather luck) would have it, the same phenomenon repeated again last year 05 May 2009. This time he shouted “Swathi di!! Swathi”.

Now I’m the proud wife of such a wonderful husband who supported me through two painful deliveries and a happy mom of two little devils who keep breaking my head every day.

Lion and the Mouse

The Story of the "Lion and the Mouse" as narated by Ms.Smruthi Srikantan (my 1st devil)

Madam: Appa …Lion kadha sollu pa
Him: Inikku nee sollu…
Madam: Oru oorla..oru lion irundhucha…adhu kaaturaja..hmm??
Him: Hmm
Madam: Adhu ella animals-a yum bayamuthidum…hmm???
Him: Hmm..
Madam: Nee thoongu…appo dhan solluven…
Him: Thoongitan…
Madam: Thoongiten-nu solli kanna moodave illa….
Him: Kanna mooditten…ok??

The story continues again….

Madam: Andha lion oru naal mammu saaptutu thoongittu irundhudha…appo oru eli anga vandhu
Flying along a flower to flower…
Looking so pretty and nice…”
appdinu paatu paadicha... (Madam full paatu paadama vida maataanga)
Appo andha lion elundhu paatha..eli dance aadindu irukku
Lion kettichu “evlo dhairiyam irundha en munnadi dance aaduva” appadi kettu eli pudichiduchu…

Eli udane ”Lion…Lion..please lion…naan unakku innoru naal helpu pannaren lion..please enna vittudu lion” appdi sollitu ooooodi poiduchu

Oru naal lion mammu saaptutu thoongittu irundhudha…appo anga oru “VETTAIKAAAAARAN” (in the same movie vettaikaran tone) anga vandhu lion mela net pottutan..

Lion udane “Helpu…helpu…yaaravadhu helpu” appadi kathichu

Andha pakama eli vandhu yaaruda kathardhu paathudhu…
Eli "ennada pannalam?" appdi yosichichu..
Aprom oru idea pannithu

Eli daily brush pannuma…adhunaala adhoda pallu sharp-a irukum…
Andha pal vechi…akku…akku….akku…nu…net-a kadichu uttuduthu…

Aprom lion…”Thank You Eli. Inimel neeyum naanum friendsu”
Eli “Welcome lion” appdi solli rendu perum veetuku poitanga. Seriya….

Him: innoru vaati lion kadha sollu…

Madam: Evlo vaati sollaradhu...eliyum lio-um thoonga poiduthu...neeyum thoongu...good nite

Swathi as of date

She is 9 months old
She shows her two bunny teeth and comes running (crawling actually) to me the moment I return from office
She can stand with support
She can climb steps pretty fast
She screams when we say “Kathu” or when her sister screams
She knows to scrawl very fast when we say “Pudi…Swathi-a Pudi”
She is very fond of her walker and goes to every nook and corner in the house
She likes only the toys which her sister is playing with
She dances while sitting if her sister starts singing rhymes
She knows her father’s arrival by the car sound
She gets angry (innum molaikave illa…adhukulla kovam…)when we take something away from her
She mostly sleeps throughout the night
She nods her head when she does not want anything or when she does not want to eat anymore
She repeats something when we say her NOT to do it.
She repeats something even if we say her to do it. (So, obviously, she does everything of her own will rather than our will)
She knows to recognize fan, wall clock and the lights near the stair case, when we ask her
She likes to chew paper (screams like hell if we take it from her)
She’s got eagle-eyes…..She can identify even the tiniest bit of dirt on the floor and puts it in her mouth
She likes to taste new food items

A Dancer in the making!!!!

So…I am geared and all set for the fancy dress competition….my DAUGHTER’s fancy dress competition....not that this is the first time for her… but last time she was only 1 yr and 10 months old during her competition in her play school. So, this is the first big event Im arranging for her.

The annual day function gets fixed on 1st Feb ’10 – Monday. The princi of her playschool calls me for a meeting and tells me that Smruthi is to sing the slokams for the invocation song, for which she has to appear in a traditional attire and if we are interested, we can arrange for a fancy dress for her. So, as dutiful parents, we go to the fancy dress shop recommended by the Princi and select the dress for “Clouds”, since she likes to sing the rhymes “I hear thunder”, which would be appropriate.

She was asked to come to the school on Saturdays and Sundays along with me, for the practice. (I was asked to join so that I can train her in the home). On one fine day, after I have finished deciding the costumes and etc etc….the princi tells me that my daughter is also selected for one group dance…I am over-joyed since my daughter was possibly the only one who was into 3 events for a 2 hour function.

I am on a shopping spree again (much to the irritation of my hubby and also my daughter) to buy all the make-up kits, shoes, socks, stockings…etc…etc…

Meanwhile, my daughter is driving everyone in the house crazy by singing all the songs and rhymes (except the ones mentioned for her) and teaching the dance steps to everyone….

“thatha….hands on ur ipps(which means hips)…appadi illa….ippadi…appa keep quiet…don’t talk….dance aadaren la….thatha…ippo ippadi suthu…mm..paadu…..jai jai ram jai jai ram….seeeeva ram(sita ram)…jai jai ram…..” (guess what song this is…) Her thatha was like “aruvathi anju vayasula enakku idhellam thevaiya di….poi un appana aada sollen…..”

The D-day arrives and I put leave for my office. She had a last rehearsal in her school at 10 in the morning.(Periya Arangetrama idhu…idhukku ithana rehearsalaaa???) I take her to the school, and after it was over, her teacher gives me the list of programmes for all the kids and when I have to change which dress for Smruthi and how much time I will be having to change her from one costume to another…First invocation song….paavadai chattai with a grand attire, then after 1 song…into her fancy dress…clouds….and then immediately after that …change her into the boogi woogie dress for the group dance….Appove enakku thala suttha aarambichiduchu…….And as I was about to leave…she called “By the way..smruthi’s mother…don’t forget to change her into a white frock for the last Vande Mataram song.

“What white dress?”
“Any white dress which she has will do…”
“But she does not have any. Y didn’t u inform earlier?”
“We were telling this everyday…don’t u know?”

Drawback of being a working mom!!!! Now, I understood the meaning of Smruthi singing “Vande maagaram…Vande maagaram”, but that little git didn’t tell me that it was also a group song and she was included in it.

But, blessfully, my friend’s daughter of the same age had a full flowing white dress, which fitted Smruthi beautifully and I borrowed it.

After rehearsal, came back home….fed her…..make her sleep at 12:00, so that she takes rest and does not break my head in the evening.

Meanwhile, my parents also arrive in my home and both sets of grand-parents sing the praise of their grand-daughter.(Btw, my FIL put leave for his office to see his grand-daughter’s performance, which starts only in the evening 4:30. Whts with these grand-parents?)

Started her make-up and put her paavadai chattai with a golden shawl over her head and dressed her as Radha. When I asked her to open her mouth to apply lip-stick, she was so over-joyed that she could not keep her mouth open. Funny expression!! Kept nethi-chuti which I bought for my marriage reception and put one thread oddiyanam. When we arrived at the venue, everyone’s eyes were on her only..much to my pride.

Her teachers took her to the stage for starting the function. I was so tensed and feared that she might not do well if we stand before her. So, I told my hubby that we will hide somewhere in the crowd and watch her. But the poor thing started searching for us from the stage and I felt so sorry and so we waved our hand to tell her where we were. The moment she saw us, her face lit up and she sang both the slokas beautifully looking and smiling ONLY at us.

I thought “Oh my God!...Smruthi unakku ivlo talent-a? Unakku stage fear-e illaya? Idhuve unga amma-va irundha inneram gumbala paathu mayakam pottu vilundhiruppa….”

Then we sat and watched one group dance by the kids for “Mukunda…Mukunda…” from Dasavatharam. Guess what happened in that song, all the kids joined each others hands and went to and fro for the lyrics “Jai Jai ram…jai jai ram…” Now I understood what she was singing and dancing in the home.

Time for next costume: Changed her into the Clouds dress and took her to the stage before her turn came. I was excited whether she would sing her rhymes properly because of the clouds roll-over over her head. One of the aayahs of her school told me “Unga ponna pathi kavalaye padatheenga…ava nalla pannuva”

She sang the rhymes “I hear thunder….” And after finishing it, she sang the tamil version of the same rhymes also..(thanks to the tamil rhymes cd)

Immediately after that song, I was asked to change her dress for the group dance and before I dressed her up for it, the rest of the group had already assembled on the stage. Got very tensed and messed up her hair with the band and only after she went on stage did I realize that her overcoat was tucked inside her skirt. Took her again back-stage and adjusted her dress, and by the time she started dancing, I was totally tired. She danced really nice..not to mention the fact that it was a pretty big song and the player got stuck and the song again started from first.

So, only one more dress and all this would be over…..mudiyala ma ennala…..

But the poor thing got fed up when I tried to change her dress again, that she removed her gloves, socks, shoes and threw everything on the ground and started crying. With great persuasion, I dressed her in the white frock, but she refused to go on stage and dance with the other kids. Thankfully, this was just the ending song and all that the kids had to do was to stand on the stage and wave the national flag.

I bought her down with me since I didn’t want to make her cry any further. In the meanwhile, my second kid became hungry and sleepy and would not go to anybody but me. So, I was standing holding Smruthi in my right hand and Swathi in my left hand till the Vande Mataram song was over.

So, thankfully the function got over by distributing gifts to all the kids and I was more than happy to leave the hall with two kids screaming down their throats on me.

But all in all, I was happy with my daughter’s performance, and I felt that she would not have cried if she was not so much pressurized by giving many performances.

But my daughter gave me as much pride as any parents can feel about their kid, and that says it all.

Indian Mothers

Rahul was studying in abroad. One day his mother gave him a surprise visit to his apartment. When they were exchanging pleasantries, a girl comes out from Rahul’s bedroom. Rahul introduces her as a friend Neha and they are living in the same apartment as friends. When his mother throws a suspicious look at him, he tells her “Only friends mom!”. So his mother stays with Rahul for 1 month in his apartment and watches Rahul and Neha, and still doubts their relationship, but does not say a word about it.s

After 1 month, she returns to India. Meanwhile, Neha goes to Rahul and complains that her silver cup has been missing ever since his mother went back. So, Rahul writes a letter to his mom diplomatically.

Dear mom,

Hope u r well. I am not saying that u took the silver sup. I am not saying that u did not take the silver cup. But the fact remains that the silver cup has been missing only since u returned to India. I promise that this will not spoil our relationship and request you to return it back, if u have taken it.


To this, his mom replies:

Dear Rahul,

I am well and hope the same from you too. I am not saying that u sleep with Neha. I am not saying that u do not sleep with Neha, but the fact remains that if Neha had been sleeping in her own bed in her own room, she would have found the silver cup by now lying under her pillow.


Moral: Don’t try to fool Indian mothers.

Porumai erumaiya vida peridhu!!!!

How to develop patience?

Basically, I am not a very impatient woman. I have some basic patience or rather I would say that my patience level was pretty good until recently. But still, I would like to improve my patience.

When I say patience..i don’t mean just patience..i mean PATIENT ENOUGH TO HANDLE MY DAUGHTER and you should have understood by now, why I am writing this blog.

How can any kid be so adamant? And that too coming from my tummy? (hope my hubby does not read this)

Right from the moment she wakes up till the moment she sleeps in the night….everything is a war between us. Thank God, I am working (and am able to login to cmoms in office) For an instance, when I wake her up, she wakes up smiling, asking for a kiss from me and comes into my arms (wait…don’t come to any conclusions…!!!) “Smruthi…how do u brush ur teeeeeeethhh??”
“This is the way we brush our teeth…. brush our teeth…. brush our teeth….early innnnnn the moooorning….” (wow!wht a beautiful kid) Hope the day goes as smoothly with her!!!

But when I put the paste in her brush and start brushing …”amma balcony-ku polam”… the balcony “amma…black dog-a vara sollu…appo dhan brush pannuven…” After 5 mins (it is 8:00 already) , luckily the regular black dog goes past our gate.. “paaru…paaaru…seekiram vaaya thara…illati black dog strawberry paste edhthu poidum”, But as my fate would have it, the black dog runs past our gate and vanishes…. “Black dog-a ingaye iruuka sollu…..” Now pls tell me how do I explain this to the black dog because my daughter will not take any other explanation from me.;

By this BP is already to boiling point. “kila poi paati kitta thekaren”
Get lost and I give the brush and paste to her. Downstairs, she still does not brush after 10 mins. It is 8:15 already and she has to get ready by 9:15 atleast. After I start shouting, she still does not start brushing. That’s all. Whack! En porumaiku avlo dhan di magale alavu.

Now suddenly the entire house hold : my husband, MIL, FIL and even my cook surround me and “En gayathri kolandhaiya pottu ippadi adikara!” (Welcome people, where were u guys all this time??) Even my little kid (9 months) laughs at me from a corner. As if I am a merciless woman and I don’t have any other job rather than beating my daughter….Believe me gals…it was just a slap and not the “ippadi adikara” type. It is only 8:30 in the morning. Adhukkulla ivlo poraatam. After that she doesn’t come near me. Brushes like a nice kid with her paati, takes her bath and comes to my room where I am getting ready for office and her sister is playing with some toys. She comes directly for the toys which her sister is playing with and grabs it from her. Started! I try to be patient.

“Koduma adha swathi kitta…ava un thangai dhana”….
“pls chellam…avala azha vidatha ma…..i willget u a new one”
“two vaangi tharuviya”
OK (Thank God!)
“appo kooda thara maaten”

I give swathi some other toy to play and start putting kudumi for smruthi. When I am almost finished with her, she pulls out the rubber band, clip and kalachifies her hair deliberately “po ma…valikudhu” My BP again starts rising as it 9:00 already. I shout at her, leave her alone and continue getting ready for office. Her father comes out of the bath room, sees smruthi’s hair and shouts at me “Innuma di ivalukku thala vaarala?” I stare at him and say “unga ponnu pottuka maatengara”

“smruthi…en ma kudumi pottukala?”
“amma pottu vidala pa”
“illa …ippo amma pottu viduva…potukiriya?”

So, in the presence of her father…she gets her hair combed like a very nice girl and go down to her paati to eat breakfast.

“Paathiya…ippadi nalla vidhama sonna…ava ketpa”
“Romba sandhosham….”

So, in a hurry burry…I get ready for office and start my bike waiting for smruthi to say bye to me. I will not say since im angry with her. So, she should only say…u..c…But en ponnu enna maadhiri dhana iruppa…..Her father notices us and tells smruthi to say tata to me (He dare not say this to me…tht too when im in tension already)

Amma…..bye…flying kiss…paathu po ma….
Thank God…morning episode over successfully….

So tell me ….how to improve my patience??? I tried praying when am getting angry, I tried counting 1-10 whenever I feel my BP rising…but nothing works…


The other day when I was about to mix complan in the night, she comes into the kitchen saying that she will only put complan and sugar in the tumbler for all three of us. I tried to tell her no…but as you can guess….she did not accept. I told her that I have just finished cleaning the kitchen and if she spills complan and sugar all over, I will have to clean again….but no…she would not have it….She had already lined up 3 tumblers and was pulling the complan bottle from my hands…

I start counting…

1 …….….2……….Paathu podu…..(puts 2 spoons of complan in the 1st tumbler)
3……4……spills the sugar…..
5……..puts complan in the 2nd tumbler……
6…..puts the sugar in her mouth…
7…slips and all the 3 tumblers with the complan are spilled on the floor….
let the 8 9 10 go to hell…………….

“Srrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……inga vandhu unga ponna paarungaaaaaaaaaa…….And u tell me not to beat her…..”

“en da smruthu ippadi panna??”

***en da smruthu*** I stare at him like hell and he removes himself and smruthi from the scene without saying anything else….

After that there is the act of giving her the complan, making the bed for her and story telling and finally by the time she sleeps, I am totally drained and the last bit of patience in me has gone to America….no moon…no…the farthest star in the universe.

I never knew raising a kid would be so difficult. And to know that there is one more in the line after her.....ippove kanna kattudheee....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anbulla kanavanukku......

“Indha oru jenmam podhadhu…ezhu jenmam eduthum theeradhu…

Andha dheivam unai kaaka…dhinam thozhuven thavaradhu…..”

Iniya kaadhalar dhina vaazhthukkal!

Un anbu manaivi….