Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Dear Smruthi,

As you reach your sixth birthday, I cannot stop admiring at how much change the past year has brought in you! You are no more the baby I loved to see you as, nor do you like me calling you a 'baby'. Even if my statement is just 'Luv you baby'. You promptly ask 'Do I look like a baby to you?' You agree or not, like all mothers say, you will always be my baby - my lovely little daughter - and 'the best little girl in the world' (as your milk cup says)

You have grown big-enough to be a girl who can arrange for her own play-dates with your friend. On any Saturday morning, you just wake up and inform me that either you are going over to your friend's place or that she is going to come in to ours to play for the day. Warn you, it's just an information that I get, not permission. Not that I'm much happy about this, but still, I just stand back and see my little girl transforming. When you have nothing else to do, you keep dressing up and admire yourself in the mirror, and ask me how you look. Make-up or no make-up, you will always look beautiful to me!

You like to keep your things ordered and in a regular way. You cannot digest it, if your books are kept in the wrong sections of your school bag, or if your pencils are kept the wrong way in your box. Even if your table is a mess, you keep it a ordered mess. At any point of time, you can take the things you need from the exact location within the mess. You remind me of myself there.

As for you and Swathi, I give up! And I see that these days, even you have resigned to keep out of your sister's way. You just give up and compromise until or unless she gets on your nerves. For the record, it's not just your sister, there are times when you also pull her legs and irritate her just for the sake of doing it. Naughty you!

This year has been proof that you are mommy's girl - through and through. You are able to understand the story when you watch movies. In the most unexpected moment, you narrate the story of a movie, we once watched, and all this time, I was thinking that you were simply munching pop-corn in the movie. And you CRY, when the movies or anything in the TV for that matter becomes emotional - just like me. You just cannot accept not-so-happy parts of the plays, even if the ending is a happy one. For example, there are these 'bad' scenes in the 'Beauty & Beast' and 'Snow-white' which you are just keen on forwarding and move to the happy scenes. Your favorite cartoon in the TV is Doremon - Nobita :)

You are getting more glued to me with each passing day. And you never miss a chance to express your love to me - be it with a simple hug, or saying that I look good in a particular dress, or saying that I'm the best mother in the world! How I wish your dad learns from you! This means a lot to me, especially given my awfully bad temper. There was this one time, when after one of our regular fights and compromises, you told me that even though I go to office and you go to school, you always keep thinking of me - be it in school or home. Now, a statement this big from your little mouth is too heavy for me to handle dear! Especially when I am already whining to be a working mom. I never knew that I could love you even more than I currently do. Love you dear, as always and more than ever before. May you get the best of all that life has to offer. Wishing you the happiest birthday darling!

- With loads of love & kisses,
Your mom

PS: Thanks for making me write again. I just couldn't miss your birthday post :)