Monday, October 17, 2011

Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy

When they placed you in my arms you slipped into my heart
I never knew how much a person could love until i became a mommy.
Every time you say “Mommy, I love you” my heart melts.

Pregnancy - Every woman's birth right. Getting pregnant, feeling the baby, enjoying the elder's pampering, husband's unique love when you carry his child, entering labor, feeling the pain, pushing so hard, so that the baby needn't try hard, hearing the first cry, the smell of the baby, breastfeeding, the sleepless nights , the first smile, first crawl, first tooth, first walk, the innocence, the mischiefs , the tantrums, the this, the that - the joy of all these can never be explained enough in words. To realize the full meaning of these, you need to be a mother.

The moment you learn you are pregnant, your mind is filled with all sorts of questions, and the moment, you declare that you are pregnant, you can find that the whole wide universe, including Tom, Dick and Harry are ready to shower you with - not love, advises. Advise first - Love next. For the same question, you will get 100 different solutions. So, my best advise is (well, I'm also a part of this universe, right?) - don't listen to any of these. Just listen to your doctor, and your inner-self. Yes, your inner-self. Nature knows best. It will tell you what and when.

Enjoy your pregnancy time with your baby and husband. Whatever discomforts you may face during pregnancy, remember, it's for the goodness of your baby. Don't whine and enjoy even those. Do what you enjoy most, hold hands with your partner and go for evening walks, feel the little butterfly kicks. Be happy all the time. Your baby will know it. Talk to your baby. She(He) will hear it. Give gentle massages to your tummy. Your baby will love them. This is the time. Involve your partner throughout your pregnancy. This is when the actual bonding starts - not only between you and your baby, but also, between your partner and your baby, and most importantly, between you and your partner as well!

The best thing which happened to me during my pregnancy - next to darling hubby and parents, of course, was my doctor(s). Though, I didn't like her in the beginning, I was forced to consult her, owing to my in-laws previous experiences with the hospital . Whatever, complaint I gave her, she used to revert back with a natural remedy. The medications which she gave me were a bare minimum, to which I owe her a lot. I have seen many cases, where pregnant moms take lot of medication, and the result affecting the baby after delivery. Here, I share some of those tips with you readers!

(3rd month)

Me: Doc, I'm unable to eat anything, since, I have frequent vomitting.
She: Its fine, until your third month.
Me: Do, I need to take any calcium or iron tablets, since my other pregnant friends are having.?
She: Drink milk, have curd. That is calcium. Eat green leaves. That is iron.
Me: Do, I need to be on bed-rest for some time?
She: You are pregnant, not a patient, remember that.

(6th month)

Me: I'm getting back-pain
She: Do you go for walking??
Him (immdly): Not at all doc
She: Then, obviously you will have back pain
Me: Any tablets for cure?
She: Use hot water bag and go walking
Me: For cold?
She: Try hot-water steaming
Me: Fever?
She: Paracetamol
Me: (grrrrrrrrrrr)
Me: okay! Can I take saffron, to increase the complexion of the baby?
She: Oh yes, you can! But, don't take brinjal, else, your baby may become purple. Or don't eat green leaves. What if the baby turns green?

(I will never forget her sarcasm, or forgive her either!)

(9th month)

Me: From when can I take leave before delivery?
She: Why??
Me: So, that I can be on rest?
She: You can continue working until you get pain
Me: (shocked) What if get into labor, when I'm in office?
She: Then, take a bus and come here directly. (Not even an auto. A bus!)

It was all I could do, to control myself from screaming at her at every visit. The only reason, I didn't change my hospital, was that this was the only hospital I knew in Chennai, which allowed husbands inside the labor ward, and that too a mandatory factor. But, when the time came for delivery, there couldn't have been a better doctor, who made me so comfortable, so relaxed, and so effectively took care of my delivery. She was awesome, that inspite of all my not-so-good-thoughts about her, I automatically, went to her even for my second delivery - without even any second thoughts.

I dedicate this blog to my doctor - Dr. Rajasri, (EVKMC, Chennai). Thank you so much doctor, and am sorry, that I couldn't get a chance to tell you this even once, during my two pregnancy visits, that, you were AWESOME. Given a chance, I would prefer only you for even my daughters' deliveries. Here are the photos of the babies you helped me to deliver.